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Generate Content, Images, Videos, and Voice; Craft Automated Workflows, Custom AI Apps, and Intelligent AgentsYour exclusive AI app customization workstation

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1000+ Pre-built AI Apps for
Any Use Case

Thousands of specialized AI apps are ready for use in content generation, question answering, document search, and process automation, etc. Choose an app as it is or customize it to meet your needs.

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Liberate Everyone from Repetitive Work

There are all kinds of repetitive tasks 🤯 in work that can only be solved manually, but Anakin liberates people from such work.

Without learning code or prompts, everyone can use thousands of available applications to generate content (emails, blogs, images, etc.), crawl data, produce reports, and more. 🤩

Workflows and Batch Processing make everything 100x faster. 🚀

Advanced users can call various AI models, external APIs, write custom code to build very powerful AI applications.

Anakin makes AI accessible to all, empowering both individuals and teams to be more productive. 🤖

Batch Operations

Using table as data source, run your Anakin Apps on hundreds or thousands of records to generate content, classify or label data, extract information and more.

Create your own AI app
in ONE minute

Unlock the power of AI for your business. Our no-code AI app builder lets you create unique, standalone AI applications that automate tasks, generate content, answer questions and more.

Build AI App as Unique as Your Vision

Our AI app builder lets you craft custom apps for content creation, data processing, automated workflows, and more.

Create various forms of AI applications

Text generator, Image generator, Video generator, Workflows, Batch processing jobs, Auto Agents, etc.

Build AI Apps with No-code

Design and deploy your own text generation app in just minutes. With our intuitive, visual interface, you can customize everything from the app's look and feel to the specific types of text it generates.


Build Chatbots
Train ChatGPT on your data

Train your chatbot on your own data, ensuring that it reflects the unique voice and personality of your brand. Easily design and deploy your chatbot in just a few clicks with Anakin's intuitive interface.

Coming Soon

Build powerful workflows
faster & smarter

You just need to drag and drop nodes and connect them in order. With, edit prompt parameters, create chains and agents, and publish your desired workflow faster and smarter.


Automate complex tasks
with Auto Agents

Why spend hours handling repetitive manual work when AI can do it instantly? Our Auto Agent builder lets you create custom AI assistants that automatically resolve complex challenges - with just a little light configuration.

Coming Soon

Connect your AI Apps to

Integrate seamlessly with all your existing tools and services. Embed intelligent technology directly into the platforms and software you already use every day.

Coming Soon
Integrate seamlessly with all your existing tools and services.  Embed intelligent technology directly into the platforms and software you already use every day.

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