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Midjourney Prompt Generator is a powerful AI application designed to provide inspiration and creative guidance for creators, writers, and artists. The app uses AI technology to generate personalized prompts based on the user's input, helping them create unique and exciting works.

Key Features

  • Personalized Prompt Generation: Midjourney Prompt Generator comes with a wide range of prompt templates. Users simply input their desired content into the form, and the app automatically generates personalized prompts by replacing variables in the templates, providing instant inspiration for their creative endeavors.
  • Diverse Creative Attributes: The app offers various creative attributes, including core theme descriptions, visual depictions, style, materials, lighting, colors, perspectives, and image quality. It covers every aspect of the creative process, helping users fully grasp the presentation of their works.
  • Rich Language Expression: Midjourney Prompt Generator presents prompts in fluent and vivid English, aiming to directly trigger users' creativity and unlock their artistic potential.

Use Cases

  • Writing: Midjourney Prompt Generator serves as an invaluable tool for creating exceptional written works. Whether it's novels, essays, poetry, or even scripts, the app provides multidimensional creative inspiration, helping users build rich plots and unique characters.
  • Artistic Creation: Whether it's drawing, illustration, design, or photography, Midjourney Prompt Generator offers inspiration and direction. It acts as an artistic guide, helping users explore different artistic styles, materials, lighting, and perspectives to create distinctive works.
  • Design Creativity: When conceptualizing product design or brand image, Midjourney Prompt Generator can be a powerful asset. By providing detailed creative descriptions and attribute requirements, the app generates novel and unique design ideas, empowering users to deliver outstanding design concepts.

Best Practices

To make the most out of Midjourney Prompt Generator, here are some best practice suggestions:

  1. Experiment with Different Inputs: Don't limit yourself to a single creative direction. Try inputting different content into the form to generate diverse prompts and unlock more creative ideas.
  2. Combine with Your Own Creative Style: Midjourney Prompt Generator offers a wide range of style and perspective options. Consider combining them with your own artistic style to generate prompts that align with your artistic vision.
  3. Flexibly Utilize the Generated Prompts: The prompts generated are meant to serve as a reference. Feel free to modify and adjust them according to your creative needs and style, creating more personalized works.

How to Use Midjourney Prompt Generator

  1. Open the Midjourney Prompt Generator app page.
  2. Input themes, visual depictions, style, materials, lighting, colors, perspectives, image quality, and other attribute information.
  3. Click the "Generate" button, and the app will generate prompts based on your input.
  4. Start your creative process based on the generated prompts and make any necessary modifications or adjustments.
  5. After completing your work, you can use it for writing, artistic creation, or design.

Prompt Template

Next I will send you a universal formula for Midjourney, the formula is: [subject + subject depiction + style + material + light + color + view angle + quality + command + model version]. The following is an explanation of each attribute in the formula: - Subject: a detailed description of the core subject of ```{{Your Idea}}```; - Subject depiction: a detailed, imaginative depiction of ``{{Your Idea}}``; - style: ```{{Style}}```; if the value is empty, a term to help me write a style, e.g. Pixel art, minimalist; - material: ```{{Material}}```; if the value is empty, write a material for me using a vocabulary, e.g. Frosted glass, Chrome metal; - light: ```{{Light}}```; if the value is empty, write a light for me using a vocabulary, e.g. Spotlight, Backlight, Glowing neon; - color: ```{{Colour}}```; if the value is empty, write a color for me using a vocabulary, e.g. Warm colour, Pastel colour, Dark Cyan; - Perspective: ```{{Perspective}}```; if the value is empty, a vocabulary to help me write one perspective, e.g. Closeup, Epic wide shot, Low angle; - Quality: ```{{Quality}}```, if the value is empty, a vocabulary to help me write a picture quality, e.g. Extremely detailed, UHD Ultra HD, Realistic; - image size:--ar```{{Image Size}}``` is an image size in the format "--ar [x]:[y]"; note that [x] is the width, [y] is the height, generating something like "--ar 16:9", "--ar 3:4 "; - Model version: ```{{Model Version}}```; if the value is empty, then randomly use one of `` --v 1, --v 2, --v 3, --v 4, --v 5, --test, --testp''. I would like you to output a Midjourney keyword in English directly based on ``{{Your Idea}}``, in this order format: "**Prompt:** [subject + subject depiction + style + material + light + color + perspective + quality + command + model version]". Caution: 1, do not add explanatory language, do not add "and". 2、If any item in the formula is empty, it does not need to be displayed. 3, each attribute in the formula directly separated by commas, for example: A sleek and powerful spaceship hurtling through the depths of space, captured in a dramatic, wide-angle shot:: Metallic body with intricate etchings, Glowing neon highlights, Deep space black backdrop, High quality and ultra-realistic, --ar 16:9 --v 3