Claude | Free AI tool


You can experience Claude-3-Opus, Claude-3-Sonnet, Claude-2.1 and Claude-Instant in this application. Claude is an intelligent conversational assistant based on large-scale language models. It can handle context with up to tens of thousands of words in a single conversation. It is committed to providing instant, accurate and comprehensive answers to all kinds of user questions. Claude is a professional AI assistant.



Highlighted Features

  • QA expert: Claude is equipped with advanced language models with billions of parameters and extensive world knowledge. You can freely ask Claude any questions related to life, study, work, etc., and Claude can provide professional answers. Whether you are looking for practical information, intellectual discussion, or even rap lyrics, Claude is a reliable QA expert you can count on.

  • Intelligent conversational partner: Chatting with Claude is no longer dull! It can have multi-turn in-depth conversations with you like a friend. You can ask freely, and Claude will continue the topic based on context for deeper discussion. It is your intelligent conversational partner for learning, working and life.

  • Multilingual communication without barriers: Claude supports communication in multiple languages like Chinese, English, etc. No matter if you speak Chinese or English, Claude can understand instantly and respond fluently in the same language. It helps you overcome language barriers and enjoy the convenience of multilingual conversations.

  • Original content creation assistant: Claude can provide a large amount of high-quality original content to assist you in writing various articles, reports, instructions, etc. Combining innovative thinking and language organization skills, it becomes a capable assistant for your original content creation.

  • Personalized service experience upgrade: Claude will remember your historical conversations and learn your interests to continuously optimize the way of conversation and provide personalized service. As the communication deepens, it will understand you better and become your personal customized assistant.

Use Cases

  • Answers for daily life questions: Consult Claude for answers to various common questions about daily life, health, diet, etc. to get practical professional answers.

  • Popular science across multiple fields: Ask Claude to explain professional knowledge in detail, covering computer science, medicine, law and other fields, to quickly grasp new knowledge.

  • Writing assistant: Claude can provide writing materials and guidance to help you write original content in Chinese and English like papers, reports, resumes, etc.

  • Inspiring creativity and brainstorming: Have inspiring conversations with Claude to get brainstorming and expand the limits of thinking.

  • Heart-to-heart conversation: Confide your troubles to Claude, and it can be your heart-to-heart conversation partner to provide support and advice.

  • Business data analysis: Ask Claude for data analysis and prediction to support your right business decisions.

  • Language learning and exam preparation: Practice and improve your English, French and other languages with Claude, and prepare for exams.

  • Fun entertainment: Engage in creative textual games with Claude for endless fun.

Usage Steps

  • Open the Claude application in Anakin.

  • Enter your question or topic on the home page of the app.

  • Claude will immediately give relevant answers or suggestions.

  • If needed, you can have more conversations and interactions with Claude.