FaceCheck.ID Review: Pros, Cons,

FaceCheck.ID is an advanced facial recognition reverse image search engine that helps find a person's online presence across a database of 793+ million faces sourced from the web.

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FaceCheck.ID Review: Pros, Cons,

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FaceCheck.ID: Powerful Facial Recognition Search Engine

FaceCheck.ID is a cutting-edge reverse image search engine that harnesses the power of advanced facial recognition AI technology to help users find people online. With an extensive database of over 793 million faces sourced from social media, news articles, blogs, videos and more, FaceCheck.ID enables users to search for individuals simply by uploading their photo.

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FaceCheck.ID Key Features

  • Search for a person by uploading their photo
  • Matches are scored from 0-100 to indicate confidence level
  • Flags potential risks like scammers, criminals, sex offenders
  • Continuous monitoring and alerts available
  • Export results to PDF/Excel
  • API available for integration

How FaceCheck.ID Works

FaceCheck's proprietary AI algorithms are capable of detecting and matching faces from various angles, lighting conditions, and even with facial hair, sunglasses or masks. When a user uploads a photo, the system compares it against its vast indexed database of faces to surface any online profiles, blog/news mentions, videos or other appearances of that individual on the web.

Match scores range from 0 to 100, with higher scores (especially 83+) indicating a higher likelihood of it being the same person. The system also raises red flags to alert users about potential risks if matches are found on scam reporting sites, sex offender registries, mugshots, etc.

Pros and Cons of FaceCheck.ID


  • Useful for verifying identities and avoiding scams/catfishing
  • Helpful to check backgrounds of dates, business partners, etc.
  • Can assist in locating long-lost relatives
  • Continuous monitoring provides ongoing awareness
  • API enables integration into apps/platforms


  • Not 100% foolproof, false positives possible due to lookalikes
  • Should not be used as sole evidence for legal/official purposes
  • Only indexes publicly available images, not a full identity check
  • Searching minors is prohibited
  • Paid credits required for searches

FaceCheck.ID Pricing

FaceCheck operates on a credit system where 1 search costs 3 credits. Credit packages are available ranging from $19 for 150 credits up to $597 for 10,000 credits. Crypto payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Solana are accepted for enhanced privacy. Free credits are not offered.

FaceCheck.ID Alternatives

Some other facial recognition search engines in the market include PimEyes, SearchFace, and TinEye. Google and Bing also provide reverse image search capabilities but without the facial recognition aspect. For more comprehensive data, traditional background check services can be used but they require identifying information to initiate a search.

Tips for Best Results

To get the most accurate matches, it's important to use a good quality, forward-facing photo that clearly shows the person's facial features. Group photos and side profiles are more likely to produce false matches.

It's also crucial to remember that facial recognition, while powerful, is not infallible. Many unrelated people can have strong facial similarities (known as the doppelgänger effect). Therefore, facial matches should always be corroborated with other supporting evidence and not be relied upon as the sole deciding factor, especially for any legal or official purposes.

Privacy and Ethical Considerations for FaceCheck.ID

FaceCheck.ID only indexes publicly available images and does not store any sensitive personally identifiable information. It also does not allow searches for minors.

While the technology itself is neutral, facial recognition can be prone to misuse. It's important for users to utilize such tools responsibly and ethically. If your jurisdiction restricts the use of facial recognition technology, you should not use FaceCheck.ID.

The company honors image removal requests and has a clear process for individuals to opt-out. It operates in compliance with copyright laws, storing only transformed low-resolution thumbnails under fair use provisions.

FAQ about FaceCheck.ID

What is FaceCheck.ID?

FaceCheck.ID is a reverse image search engine that uses facial recognition AI to find online appearances of a person based on their photo.

How accurate are the results?

Match scores indicate the confidence level of results. Scores of 83+ generally indicate a high likelihood of a correct match. However, false positives can occur due to facial similarities between unrelated people.

Can I use it to find missing persons or relatives?

While FaceCheck.ID can potentially help locate missing persons by matching facial features, it should not be solely relied upon and works best in conjunction with other methods.

Are the searches confidential?

FaceCheck.ID does not log search history or user information. Uploaded photos are deleted after 24 hours.

How do I remove my photos from FaceCheck.ID?

You can submit an opt-out request through the provided form on the website. There is no charge for removal requests.

Can I integrate FaceCheck.ID into my own app?

Yes, FaceCheck.ID provides an API that allows developers to incorporate its facial recognition search capabilities into their own applications.

Bottom Line: Is FaceCheck.ID Legit?

FaceCheck.ID is a powerful tool for finding online appearances of a person based solely on their photo. While it should not be relied upon blindly, it can be very useful as a starting point when verifying someone's identity or online presence. The large database, handy features, and API access make it stand out, though searches do require purchasing credits.

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