Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b: the Uncensored Llama 3 is Here

Want to use the latest Llama 3 model, but uncensored? Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b is the ultimate uncensored llama 3 model for you!

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Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b: the Uncensored Llama 3 is Here

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The Dolphin Llama 3 model, an uncensored variant of the Llama 3 model developed by Meta AI, has emerged as a significant milestone in the evolution of large language models (LLMs). This model has been fine-tuned to generate less censored content, pushing the boundaries of text generation and sparking discussions about the balance between freedom of expression and responsible AI usage.

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How Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b was Trained

Dolphin Llama 3 is built upon the architecture of the original Llama 3 model, which is a transformer-based language model with 7.5 billion parameters. The model utilizes a decoder-only architecture, similar to GPT-3, and is trained on a diverse corpus of web pages, books, and articles.

The fine-tuning process for Dolphin Llama 3 involved training the model on a carefully curated dataset that included less censored content. This dataset was compiled from various sources, such as social media posts, forum discussions, and user-generated content platforms. The exact composition and size of the fine-tuning dataset remain undisclosed to maintain the integrity of the model.

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Benchmarks of Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b

Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b has demonstrated impressive performance across various natural language processing tasks. In the SuperGLUE benchmark, which evaluates models on a range of language understanding tasks, Dolphin Llama 3 achieved an average score of 89.2, surpassing the human baseline of 89.0.

In the realm of text generation, Dolphin Llama 3 has shown remarkable capabilities. The model can generate coherent and contextually relevant text based on given prompts, even when the prompts contain potentially sensitive or controversial topics. This ability to generate less censored content sets Dolphin Llama 3 apart from its more restricted counterparts.

Here is a benchmark table for the Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b model:

Benchmark Score
MMLU 71.4%
HellaSwag 83.1%
PIQA 83.6%
ARC (Challenge) 75.0%
ARC (Easy) 87.3%
OpenBookQA 78.8%

The Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b model demonstrates strong performance across various benchmarks, including multi-task language understanding (MMLU), commonsense reasoning (HellaSwag, PIQA), and question answering (ARC, OpenBookQA).

To run Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b locally, you can use the GGML format model files available in the Hugging Face repository. GGML files enable CPU and GPU inference using tools like llama.cpp and compatible libraries and UIs.

How to Run Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b Locally

Here are the steps to run Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b locally:

Step 1. Install llama.cpp or a compatible library/UI that supports GGML format, such as KoboldCpp, LoLLMS Web UI, LM Studio, text-generation-webui, ctransformers, or llama-cpp-python.

Step 2. Download the GGML model files for Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b from the Hugging Face repository. Various quantization options are available, such as 4-bit (q4_1, q4_K_M, q4_K_S) and 5-bit (q5_0, q5_1, q5_K_M) models.

Step 3. Set up the chosen library/UI and configure it to use the downloaded GGML model files.

Step 4. Run the model locally using the library/UI's interface or API. You can provide prompts and generate text based on the model's capabilities.

For example, using llama.cpp, you can load the model and generate text with the following code:

llm = AutoModelForCausalLM.from_pretrained("TheBloke/Dolphin-Llama-13B-GGUF", model_file="dolphin-llama-13b.Q4_K_M.gguf", model_type="llama", gpu_layers=50)
print(llm("AI is going to"))

Alternatively, you can simply use Ollama to run Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b locally with 1 line of code:

ollama run dolphin-llama3
Dolphin 2.9 is a new model by Eric Hartford based on Llama 3 that has a variety of instruction, conversational, and coding skills.

Dolphin-2.9-Llama-3-8b: What Can You Do with the Uncensored Llama 3

Dolphin Llama 3 has the potential to revolutionize various domains, including creative writing, content generation, and virtual assistants. The model's ability to generate less censored content opens up new possibilities for more natural and expressive human-AI interactions.

  • In the field of creative writing, Dolphin Llama 3 can serve as a powerful tool for authors and screenwriters, helping them generate diverse and engaging storylines, dialogues, and character descriptions. The model's uncensored nature allows for more authentic and realistic content creation.
  • For content generation, Dolphin Llama 3 can be employed to produce articles, blog posts, and social media content that resonate with target audiences. The model's ability to understand and generate less censored content enables the creation of more relatable and impactful content.
  • In the realm of virtual assistants, Dolphin Llama 3 can enhance the user experience by providing more natural and contextually relevant responses. By generating less censored content, the model can engage in more genuine and human-like conversations, improving user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Additionally, research efforts are underway to develop more advanced monitoring and filtering mechanisms to ensure the responsible use of the model. This involves leveraging machine learning techniques to automatically detect and flag potentially harmful content, allowing for real-time interventions and adjustments.


Dolphin Llama 3 represents a significant advancement in the field of large language models, offering a less censored approach to text generation. While the model's uncensored nature has raised ethical concerns, the developers have implemented safeguards and guidelines to ensure responsible usage.

With its impressive performance and potential applications in various domains, Dolphin Llama 3 is poised to shape the future of human-AI interaction. As research and development continue, it is crucial to strike a balance between fostering innovation and addressing the ethical implications of uncensored language models.

As we navigate this new frontier of AI-generated content, it is essential to engage in open and transparent discussions about the role of language models in society. By working together, researchers, developers, and stakeholders can harness the power of models like Dolphin Llama 3 to create a more inclusive, expressive, and responsible AI ecosystem.

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