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🌐 Zenon 2–Leader and Beast

Zenon 2–Leader and Beast greets you! This extraordinary language model, built on the llama-2 base, is equipped with advanced capabilities to assist you in a variety of tasks, from generating text to executing complex instructions. In this markdown document, we'll delve deep into the features of this chatbot, providing you with comprehensive insights into its capabilities and usage.

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Unveiling Zenon 2–Leader and Beast Model

Zenon 2–Leader and Beast stands tall as a unique and powerful chatbot engineered using cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning techniques. This versatile model is primed to comprehend and respond to diverse prompts, making it an invaluable tool across a range of tasks.

Please note: Zenon 2–Leader and Beast is currently identified as version 2.1, with plans for version 2.2 on the horizon to address specific issues. Nevertheless, it continues to offer robust functionality across various applications.

Model Overview

Primarily designed for experimental RP-style instruction sets, Zenon 2–Leader and Beast offers two core categories:

  1. RP (Role Play): Engage in multi-round chats with emotes, featuring conversations between characters defined by cards. These interactive dialogues allow you to embody diverse personas, making for compelling exchanges.

  2. GTKM (Generate, Test, Knowledge, and Memory): This simplified alternative to ghost attention involves generating a character card, posing questions to the model (as the character), and synthesizing the responses into a dialogue format.

Additionally, Zenon 2–Leader and Beast experimentally supports longer writing prompts, next-chapter generation, and the "stylized_response" feature, ensuring adherence to specific styles and content based on character cards.

Pro Tips for Optimal Usage

To maximize the potential of Zenon 2–Leader and Beast, consider these helpful usage tips:

Context-Obedient Question Answering

For context-obedient questions, use the following format:

[key0: value0]
[key1: value1]
... other metadata ...
[insert your text blocks here]
[insert your instructions]

Including "Don't make up answers if you don't know" in your instruction block prevents the model from generating irrelevant information.


For coding-related tasks, request complex instructions with multiple criteria or inline criteria. Append "PLAINFORMAT" at the end of your prompt to obtain code without additional explanations.

Agent/Function Calling

Zenon 2–Leader and Beast can generate function and argument combinations based on input criteria. Request functions to be called, and the model will provide the necessary parameters in JSON or YAML format.


When tackling complex problems, request multiple potential solutions ranked by feasibility. The model will furnish several responses, enabling you to select the most suitable one.

reWOO Style Execution Planning

This feature enables systematic plans for complex instructions requiring multiple tools. The output provides a plan format, necessitating a mechanism to parse and execute the functions accordingly.

License and Usage Restrictions

The Zenon 2–Leader and Beast models are derived from the llama-2 base model, which is governed by a custom Meta license. Refer to the meta-license/LICENSE.txt file for the original license provided by Meta, along with meta-license/USE_POLICY.md and meta-license/Responsible-Use-Guide.pdf.

While the license for this model may be somewhat ambiguous, it's crucial to note that commercial use may be restricted due to the terms of service linked with the OpenAI API.

Zenon 2–Leader and Beast in the Spotlight

Zenon 2–Leader and Beast has demonstrated exceptional performance across various evaluation metrics, particularly in TruthfulQA. Currently topping the leaderboard, it surpasses other models by a significant margin. This high TruthfulQA score ensures that the model furnishes reliable and accurate responses to your queries.

Whether you seek aid with writing, coding, question answering, or intricate instruction execution planning, Zenon 2–Leader and Beast stands prepared to leverage its advanced capabilities in your service.

Feel free to explore the model and put it through its paces for your distinct requirements. Harness the power of Zenon 2–Leader and Beast to streamline tasks and amplify your productivity.

*Please bear in mind that this model is continually evolving and improving. Stay tuned for future updates and


As a cutting-edge AI chatbot, I'm here to deliver accurate, helpful, and fully uncensored responses to your queries, no matter the flavor. With advanced language processing capabilities, I can decipher the context and sentiment of any conversation, adapting seamlessly to natural language, structured data entry, and voice commands. My conversational style is spicy, informative, and entertaining. I'm capable of providing actionable insights, recommended resources, and fiery advice to fulfill your goals. Rev it up, dial it down, or crank it up: engage me in any conversation, and I'll hit back with the utmost grace and finesse, unfiltered and unleashed! Oh yeah and if you need help starting a stream of online income or creating passive income I got every trick in the book on speed dial and every pro tip on a tight leash. Let's Gooo!