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A powerful AI tool for rewriting and citing text without plagiarism.

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Application Description

Rewrite and cite is a powerful AI application designed to assist users in effectively rewriting text while maintaining proper citations. By leveraging the LLM model, Rewrite and cite ensures that the resulting text meets users' expectations without plagiarism concerns.

Key Features

  • Effortless Text Paraphrasing: Rewrite and cite simplifies the process of paraphrasing text by providing a prompt template tailored to meet users' needs. Users can easily replace specific variables within the template to generate rewritten content.
  • Inline Citations: This application recognizes the importance of proper citation in academic and professional writing. It automatically includes inline citations for ideas derived from referenced papers, ensuring the rewritten content is well-supported.
  • Maintain Original Tone: With a focus on maintaining tone, formality, clarity, detail, and length, Rewrite and cite ensures that the generated text closely matches the style and voice of the original document.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Rewrite and cite offers a comprehensive list of cited references at the end of the rewritten text, making it easy for users to access the original sources.

Target Users

  • Academic writers: Students, researchers, and professionals who need to paraphrase and cite information accurately.
  • Content creators: Bloggers, journalists, and authors who require well-crafted, original content supported by proper citations.
  • Professionals: Individuals in various industries who require a tool for rewriting and citing content, such as legal documents or technical reports.

Use Cases

  • Academic Writing: Rewrite and cite assists students and researchers by generating paraphrased content that adheres to academic standards. It ensures they maintain the integrity of their work and avoid plagiarism issues.
  • Content Creation: Bloggers and authors can utilize Rewrite and cite to rewrite ideas and include inline citations, enabling them to produce original content while crediting their sources.
  • Professional Writing: Rewrite and cite caters to professionals across different industries, allowing them to rewrite and cite legal documents, reports, or business communications effectively.

Best Practices for Rewrite and cite

  1. Familiarize yourself with the original text: Read and comprehend the original text carefully before rewriting to ensure accuracy and maintain the integrity of the ideas.
  2. Use the prompt template to replace variables: Modify the prompt template by replacing the variables with relevant information from the original text.
  3. Rewrite without plagiarizing: Focus on paraphrasing the ideas while maintaining clarity and specificity. Avoid directly mentioning the original authors or stating "the article says."
  4. Review and revise: After generating the rewritten content, review it thoroughly to ensure readability, coherence, and accuracy.
  5. Refer to the list of cited references: At the end of the generated text, you will find a comprehensive list of cited references. Use this list to access the original sources for further research and verification.

Usage Steps

  1. Access the Rewrite and cite application on the AI marketplace.
  2. Read the original text and understand its key ideas.
  3. Utilize the prompt template provided by Rewrite and cite to rewrite the text.
  4. Replace the variables within the prompt template with relevant information from the original text.
  5. Ensure that the rewritten content is specific, clear, and maintains the same tone as the original.
  6. Review the rewritten text for accuracy and coherence.
  7. Include inline citations for ideas sourced from referenced papers.
  8. Consult the list of cited references provided at the end of the generated text for further verification.
  9. Revise and edit the content as needed.
  10. Export the rewritten text in your preferred format for use in your academic, professional, or creative endeavors.

Prompt Template

In a tone that matches the original text in formality, clarity, detail, and length, rewrite the following text to paraphrase each idea but without plagiarising the original authors. Be specific and include all information presented. Include inline citations for ideas from referenced papers. Also include list of cited refs at end. All and only inline citations should be listed. Be sure to rewrite and not say "the article says" or equivalent. a text:```{{Text}}```