MythoMist | Free AI tool


MythoMist 7B, a cutting-edge and free Mistral-AI model, offering dynamic performance tuning for user-defined objectives. Using a sophisticated algorithm, it discreetly minimizes overused terms in ChatGPT roleplay, all at no cost.



MythoMist 7b represents the pinnacle of iterative design, embodying a highly experimental paradigm that utilizes a sophisticated Mistral-based merging process. This innovative platform is underpinned by the latest iteration of MythoMist's proprietary algorithms, which are designed to benchmark the model dynamically during its construction, aligning its performance with user-defined objectives.

The inception of MythoMist was driven by the necessity to attenuate the frequency of terms such as 'anticipation', 'ministrations', and their derivatives, which have acquired negative connotations within the context of ChatGPT roleplaying datasets. While MythoMist's algorithm does not institute a categorical prohibition of these words, it is meticulously engineered to curtail their prevalence, thus refining the quality of text generation.