LinkedIn Profile Batch Generator | Free AI tool

Scarlett Clarke

Free LinkedIn Profile Summarizer Tool - For All Recruiters and Job Seekers.Easily Compile Any LinkedIn Profile.Provide a LinkedIn homepage URL and our AI will quickly gather key information from the LinkedIn personal homepage to help you work more efficiently.



LinkedIn Profile Batch Generator is an AI-powered application that quickly gathers key information from a LinkedIn personal homepage and automatically generates a personal introduction article. Users only need to input any LinkedIn personal homepage URL, and it can intelligently extract work experience, project experience, skills and expertise data to generate a professional personal profile document.


  • One-click personal profile generation: Simply input a LinkedIn personal homepage URL to automatically generate a corresponding personal introduction.
  • Intelligent data extraction: The app can identify key information on the homepage and intelligently extract content.
  • Concise overview: The generated summary is concise yet informative, enabling quick grasp of all information.

Use Cases

  • Job hunting and recruitment: Quickly generate a personal intro article for HR to efficiently screen resumes.
  • Talent assessment: Conduct background research on job candidates or business partners.
  • Self-promotion: Generate minimalist content to quickly attract HR attention.

Best Practices

  • Collect homepage URL: Search and visit target personal homepage on LinkedIn, copy the URL.
  • Generate summary: Paste URL in the app, click Generate to get LinkedIn information summary.
  • Output summary: Save content as PDF or Word doc, or directly copy to required location.
  • Continuous optimization: Update personal homepage with new content, repeat the above steps to generate a new personal summary.

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