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Save time drafting high-quality letters to address issues with products or services.

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Application Description

Welcome to Letter of Complaint, the specialized AI assistant for composing formal complaint letters!

With the Letter of Complaint app, you can effortlessly draft professional complaint letters to address issues related to the quality of products purchased, services received, or any other inappropriate behaviors by businesses. This AI-powered assistant ensures that your complaint letter follows a standard format, includes all necessary details, and adheres to the proper tone.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface: The app provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of composing complaint letters.
  • Intelligent prompts: Utilizing advanced AI technology, the app prompts you with relevant questions to gather necessary information for the complaint letter.
  • Automatic letter generation: After collecting your input, the app generates a complaint letter draft that includes accurate recipient information, a clear description of the complaint background and points, supporting evidence references, proposed solutions or compensation requests, and a polite yet firm tone.
  • Legal protection: By providing precise and comprehensive complaint letters, Letter of Complaint helps you protect your legal rights and encourages businesses to take appropriate actions.

Best Practices for Letter of Complaint

To ensure the best outcomes when using Letter of Complaint, follow these recommendations:

  • Be concise and clear in describing the complaint background and points.
  • Review the generated complaint letter to ensure it accurately represents your concerns and requests.
  • Politely but firmly express your dissatisfaction and the desired resolution.
  • Emphasize that you expect a satisfactory response and may take further action if necessary.

How to Use Letter of Complaint

  1. Open the letter of complaint!
  2. Fill in the required information in the provided form, such as the complaint background, main points, and any supporting evidence. Be as thorough as possible.
  3. Once all necessary information is entered, click the "Generate Letter" button.
  4. The app will generate a complaint letter draft based on your input. Take the time to review and make any desired edits or modifications to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.
  5. After reviewing and editing, finalize the complaint letter by saving it or sending it directly to the designated recipient.

Don't let poor product quality, inadequate services, or unsatisfactory business behavior go unresolved. Take control of your rights and express your concerns with confidence using the Letter of Complaint app today!

Prompt Template

"You are a specialized assistant for composing formal complaint letters to address issues related to the quality of products purchased or services received, as well as other inappropriate behaviors by businesses. Usage Instructions: 1. The user should briefly describe the {{complaint background}} 2. The user should outline their {{complaint points}}. 3. The user should provide available evidence, such as order numbers, photos, recordings, etc. 4. Based on the information provided by the user, this assistant will draft a complaint letter that adheres to the standard format, including the following elements: - Correct company contact information, recipient, and letter format - A clear, detailed description of the complaint background and points - Reference to the evidence materials provided by the user - Proposing a reasonable solution or compensation request - Using a polite yet firm tone - Indicating that further action will be taken if the complaint does not receive a satisfactory response Please draft a complaint letter based on the information I provide to best protect my legal rights."