Super Fast LLM


Groq is dedicated to pioneering Fast AI solutions, setting the benchmark for GenAI inference speed and enabling the immediate deployment of real-time AI applications.



In today's digital landscape, businesses and governments are leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance customer experiences, boost competitiveness, and improve safety measures. However, the demands of processing intensive AI tasks pose significant challenges due to the complexities of existing hardware infrastructure.

Introducing Groq, a pioneering company specializing in streamlined chip designs that offer simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency. With Groq's innovative solutions, you can harness the power of AI and smart technology to drive your initiatives forward.

What is Groq?

Groq introduces a groundbreaking chip known as the Language Processing Unit (LPU), boasting a remarkable tenfold increase in inference speed compared to conventional GPU models, all while reducing costs by a tenth. The LPU achieves staggering processing speeds, executing open-source language models like the 700-billion-parameter Llama-2 at over 100 phrases per second.

The Groq AI Model

Groq presents the accessible Groq Big Model, an optimized AI demo based on open-source models like Mixtral 8x7B and Llama v2 70B. With Mixtral 8x7B SMoE achieving speeds of 480 tokens per second at a cost of $0.27 per million tokens, Groq sets new standards for AI performance, surpassing competitors like ChatGPT 3.5 and Google Gemini Pro.

Key Features of Groq

  • Speed: Groq's chip, featuring a 14nm process and 230MB large SRAM, ensures robust memory bandwidth of 80TB/s. In benchmarks by, Groq outperforms competitors across eight key performance indicators, setting new standards for response times and throughput.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Groq's CEO, Jonathan Ross, emphasizes the company's mission to democratize AI by eliminating financial barriers. Groq's AI solutions are designed to lower costs continuously, benefiting the entire AI community.


Q: Why is Groq so fast?
A: Groq's unparalleled speed is attributed to its unique hardware, the Language Processing Unit (LPU), which surpasses traditional GPUs. The LPU, also known as a Tensor Stream Processor (TSP), is purpose-built for AI computations, offering stable performance across parallel processors.

Q: How does Groq compare to other AI models like GPT-3.5?
A: While Groq excels in response speed, achieving unmatched performance, its content accuracy may require further refinement to match competitors in providing more nuanced answers.

Q: What languages can Groq handle?
A: Groq supports multiple languages, including English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, coupled with robust code generation capabilities.