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Ask Question Introduction

Ask Question is an intelligent questioning application that can generate friendly and concise questions based on the information provided by users. The app has an integrated powerful template system that dynamically replaces variables in the template with user input and generates questions that meet their expectations using the LLM model. This application is designed for chat applications like Slack, providing accurate and interesting questions. Whether it's communication with colleagues, friends, or groups, Ask Question makes your questions more engaging and unique.

Ask Question Key Features

  • Intelligent question generation: Ask Question utilizes advanced machine learning technology to generate high-quality questions based on user-provided information, saving users the effort of thinking about appropriate questions themselves.
  • Concise and friendly greetings: Each generated question is carefully designed and optimized to be presented in a friendly chat application format, making conversations easier and smoother.
  • Boost communication efficiency: Ask Question's question generation capability enhances the efficiency of asking questions in chats, saving users time spent on finding appropriate questions.

Ask Question Use Cases

  • Team collaboration: Ask Question plays an important role in team communication. Whether it's preparing agenda items for project meetings or seeking opinions from colleagues, Ask Question helps you generate insightful questions to facilitate team discussions and decision-making.
  • Active communities: In online chat groups, struggling to come up with fresh topics? Ask Question can drive group engagement by providing interesting and thought-provoking questions, fostering discussions and sharing among members.
  • Personal conversations: When communicating with friends, family, classmates, or other social connections, Ask Question helps you quickly generate appropriate questions to make conversations more enjoyable and meaningful.

Ask Question Best Practices

  • Provide detailed information: Fill in the form with comprehensive information to enable Ask Question to generate the most suitable questions based on your needs.
  • Diversify question types: Try providing questions of different types to ensure the generated questions are diverse and full of fun.
  • Customize question style: Ask Question allows customization of question style to better adapt to the chat application's vibe, making your questions more personalized.
  • Q&A exchanges: Ask Question is not just a question generation app. It can also be used for providing precise answers during conversations to ensure your replies are clear and organized.

How to Use Ask Question

  1. To begin, sign up for a free Anakin account.
  2. Once you're logged in to your Anakin account, navigate to the App Center. In the search bar, enter "Ask Question" and select the app.
  3. Choose the Chat Application: Select the chat application you want to integrate Ask Question with.
  4. Fill in the Form: Fill in the form with the required information relevant to the question you want to generate.
  5. Generate Questions: After filling in the form, click the "Generate" button to let Ask Question process the information and generate a concise and friendly question.
  6. Send the Question: Copy the generated question and paste it into the chat application of your choice.
  7. Engage in Conversation: Start a conversation with the generated question and enjoy a more engaging and interactive chat experience.

Prompt Template

Rewrite the following text as a concise and friendly message, phrased as a question. This should be written in away that it can be sent in a chat application like Slack. Text: ```{{Text}}```