Is GPT-4.5 Release Real or Fake?

Is GPT-4.5 Release Real or Fake? When will the Real GPT-4.5 be released? We have done the investigation in the article!

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Is GPT-4.5 Release Real or Fake?

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Well, well, well, it has been rumored for quite some time that OpenAI is about to drop the latest AI bomb, the magical GPT-4.5. This model is whispered to be a game-changer, a multi-modal marvel that stretches the boundaries of language, audio, and visual AI capabilities.

And that was a week ago. Now everybody is talking about the latest GPT-4.5 "leak", with questions of its existence and potential impact light up forums and social media. Will this rumored GPT-4.5 redefine our interaction with technology, or is it merely a phantom of AI enthusiasts' collective imagination?

Let's take a close look:

Part 1. The Rumor Mill

It began subtly, with whispers in tech circles and a screenshot shared on a Facebook group. According to the image, OpenAI was about to unleash GPT-4.5, a model touted to eclipse its predecessors with unparalleled multi-modal capabilities, integrating language, audio, vision, video, and even 3D understanding into one multimodel, AGI?

The prospect of such a leap in technology was... intoxicating tosay at least.

  • Enthusiasts and professionals alike speculated on the potential of GPT-4.5, envisioning a future where AI could interact with us through any medium with unprecedented fluidity.

However, is it real? As the tech community knows all too well, the brighter the spotlight, the darker the shadows it casts. The very details that sparked such excitement also bore the seeds of doubt.

  • A leaked draft page, accidental or otherwise, was unusual for a company that had always been meticulous in its communications.
  • Moreover, the screenshot originated from a Reddit thread, a rather unconventional source for a groundbreaking tech release.
Even Stuart Lansdale, CEO of is on the hype train of GPT-4.5:

Part 2. Analysis the GPT-4.5 Leak

Curiosity turned to caution as the supposed leak underwent more scrutiny. The URL was a jigsaw of query parameters and tokens that seemed more at home in a draft environment than a public release.  Here are some basic issues with the "leak":

  1. OpenAI, known for its transparent and structured release strategies, seemed unlikely to let such an important cat out of the bag so haphazardly. It was as if GPT-4.5 was a ghost in the machine, present in rumors but absent in code.
  2. The page design was inconsistent; the "Learn about GPT-4 Turbo" link sported an arrow icon, inviting users to explore, but the supposed GPT-4.5 link was starkly devoid of such an element.
  3. Moreover, the draft page itself appeared unpolished. For a company at the forefront of AI, every detail, from naming conventions to user interface consistency, was usually crafted with precision.

Yet, here we were, looking at a page that lacked the finesse typical of OpenAI. The GPT-4.5 models were listed without a version or date, unlike their carefully cataloged predecessors.

Part 3. Will GPT-4.5 Ever be Released?

The question on everyone's lips was simple yet loaded: "When will ChatGPT 4.5 be released?" It wasn't just idle curiosity; the answer held implications for business strategies, research directions, and the AI roadmap of numerous entities hanging on OpenAI's every word. But with no concrete information from official channels, the community found itself navigating a sea of conjecture.

Speculative release dates are nothing new in the tech industry, often serving as placeholders for enthusiasts' hopes and companies' ambitions. However, when it comes to AI—a field characterized by rapid development and fierce competition—such speculation can have tangible repercussions. Developers may hold off on projects, waiting for a model that may never come; businesses might freeze investments, anticipating a technology shift based on unconfirmed reports. The absence of a release date from OpenAI, coupled with the lack of substantive evidence of GPT-4.5's existence, painted a clear picture: the community was chasing a mirage, not a milestone.

Part 4. Indicators of a Hoax

The hallmarks of a genuine OpenAI release were notably absent from the alleged GPT-4.5 announcement. In the tech world, where details matter, the inconsistencies were glaring. The established pattern of OpenAI's previous releases included a preview phase, a step seemingly skipped according to the leak. This was peculiar, as groundbreaking releases typically involve a series of beta tests and community feedback loops. Moreover, the leaked information presented a finalized product without any preceding versions, which contradicted the iterative and cautious approach OpenAI is known for.

The discrepancies extended to the user interface of the leaked page. OpenAI's official announcements are synonymous with a polished and user-friendly experience, designed to guide visitors through new information with clarity. However, the page in question lacked these hallmarks, with mismatched fonts, misaligned elements, and missing icons. These were not just minor oversights; they were red flags signaling that the page was not ready for public viewing and likely not authored by the OpenAI team.

Finally, the URL itself was a breadcrumb trail leading to doubt. It contained parameters that suggested it was a draft, meant for internal review rather than public consumption. Moreover, the presence of a 'token' indicated restricted access, a feature uncharacteristic of OpenAI's public-facing materials. These digital fingerprints pointed to one conclusion: the GPT-4.5 leak was most likely not an official release, but rather an internal document that had made its way into the public eye prematurely, if it was legitimate at all.

Part 5. OpenAI Denounced the Existence of GPT 4.5

In the wake of the confusion, the community looked to OpenAI for clarification. Sam Altman, the CEO, took to Twitter to address the matter succinctly. His response, a simple "nah," was a beacon of clarity in a sea of rumors. This one word from a figure with authority effectively put the brakes on the runaway speculation train, reminding everyone that in the digital age, the truth is often just a direct statement away.

This instance is a textbook example of the power of official communication in dispelling rumors and reaffirming facts. It serves as a reminder that, despite the cacophony of voices on the internet, the most accurate information comes from the source itself. Altman's tweet was a necessary reset, redirecting the conversation from baseless speculation back to grounded reality. It also highlighted the importance of clear and direct communication from leaders in the tech industry, particularly when it comes to innovations that can significantly impact society.

Part 6. What Can We Learn from the Fake GPT 4.5 Leak?

So, GPT-4.5 "leak" has been confirmed as false information. What can we learn from it?

The role of social media in propagating the GPT-4.5 rumor cannot be overstated. Platforms such as Reddit and Twitter became hotbeds for discussion and speculation. Threads were filled with hypotheses, debates, and predictions. The excitement was palpable, as users speculated on the potential impact of such a model on various industries.

It's a phenomenon not unique to AI, but one that is particularly pronounced in a field that captivates the imagination as strongly as artificial intelligence does. The dynamic nature of these platforms can create echo chambers, where a single piece of unconfirmed information echoes repeatedly, gaining momentum and credibility with each repetition.

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