Is ChatGPT Down for Me? Try These Top Alternatives

ChatGPT suffers periodic outages and accuracy problems lately. Check if it's down now and the best alternative AI chatbots to use instead like Anakin.

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Is ChatGPT Down for Me? Try These Top Alternatives

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ChatGPT by OpenAI exploded in popularity as one of the most advanced conversational AI tools available today. However, behind the human-like responses lies a complex technical infrastructure prone to instability. Outages and accuracy issues have led many to ask - is ChatGPT down right now?

When problems hit services like ChatGPT, viable backup options enable access to similar functionality without disruption. Top alternatives can fill the gap, providing intuitive chatbot interactions backed by the latest AI.

One of the top contender to use as the ChatGPT Alternative is Anakin AI can help you Significantly reduce the OpenAI Server Down Time by load balancing between OpenAI and Azure OpenAI API.

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Use Anakin AI for Azure OpenAI API

Using, you can easily access all ChatGPT models, and build highly customized AI Apps with No Code:

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Create AI Apps with No Code on

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Below we’ll check ChatGPT’s current status, research pointing to fluctuations in its performance, and the best chatbots to use instead when issues arise.

Is ChatGPT Down Currently? Let's Check the ChatGPT Server Status:

ChatGPT relies on a compute-intensive backend infrastructure to generate its responses. Like any complex system, failures can cause widespread outages:

  • As of November 2022, ChatGPT suffers an average of 4.3 outages per month - one of the highest among major online services.
  • The longest disruption exceeded 9 hours preventing access for all users globally.
  • Outages typically stem from database infrastructure problems or denial-of-service attacks overwhelming systems.

When issues crop up, OpenAI displays real-time status updates on their status page. Referencing the page provides the definitive answer to “is ChatGPT down right now?” at any given moment.

As an example, on November 21st, 2022, an incident stemming from database replica failures caused ChatGPT slowness and error messages. Within 6 hours engineers implemented fixes to restore normal responsiveness.

ChatGPT is at Capacity Right Now
ChatGPT is at Capacity Right Now

So while useful for monitoring current problems, ChatGPT’s history of recurrent issues raises questions around its long-term reliability.

Why is ChatGPT not working?

If you're experiencing issues with ChatGPT, there might be a few reasons behind it. Amid the recent chaos within the OpenAI board, their star product ChatGPT is also hitting the capacity constantly. Here are some steps you can take to try and fix the problem:

  1. Widespread outages: ChatGPT may be experiencing a temporary outage due to technical issues or high traffic volume. In such cases, the best course of action is to wait for the platform to resume its normal functioning. You can keep an eye on ChatGPT Down Detector to check if there are any reported outages and estimatedtime for recovery.
  2. Database replicas issue: OpenAI has acknowledged that ChatGPT's issues might be due to problems with their database replicas. As the team works on a fix, you may have to wait until these errors are resolved.
  3. DDoS attacks: In some cases, ChatGPT's outage can be attributed to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which overwhelm their systems. These types of attacks typically result in temporary service disruption, so be patient as the platform recovers from the attack.
  4. New features implementation: Outages are not unusual for ChatGPT, as they often occur when OpenAI is implementing new features or updates. Keep an eye on OpenAI's status page to stay informed about any planned maintenance that might affect the platform's availability.

Is ChatGPT Getting Worse Over Time?

Beyond day-to-day disruptions, new research indicates fluctuating accuracy levels over longer periods:

  • Teams from Stanford and UC Berkeley discovered drops in performance over multi-month measurements.
  • For prime number identification, ChatGPT’s success rate swung wildly between 98% and 3% within a 3 month span.
  • When generating computer code, output completeness fell significantly from March to June 2022 testing.
  • The reasons remain unclear - possibilities range from inadequate feedback data to systematic model degradation.

Furthermore, while responses can mimic human tones and phrases, factual reliability falters frequently:

So beyond availability issues, subpar and fluctuating accuracy presents another dimension of unreliability for depending long-term on ChatGPT.

Next we’ll survey the top alternative chatbots offering similar functionality without such drawbacks.

What is the Best ChatGPT Alternative?

When exploring replacements for ChatGPT’s capabilities, two key factors include:

  • Advanced language model integration - alternatives should offer GPT-3 level or better to enable human-like dialogue.
  • Reliable infrastructure - systems must provide near 100% uptime without accuracy deterioration.

Anakin AI stands out as the leading contender meeting both criteria:

All GPT Models Supported by Anakin AI
All GPT Models Supported by Anakin AI

Key Anakin AI Benefits

  • Immediate GPT-4 access - signup instantly grants usage of the latest 4th generation language model unlike ChatGPT’s waitlisting.
  • Wide range of AI capabilities - create content, analyze data, automate tasks and more through versatile apps.
  • Intuitive interface - designed for ease-of-use allowing all skill levels to harness advanced AI.
  • Reliable infrastructure - leverages enterprise-grade systems and data centers for stability.
Create any GPT-Powered AI App with
Create any GPT-Powered AI App with

In essence, Anakin AI removes the unpredictability factors of solutions like ChatGPT: no waitlists, no regular outages, no accuracy deterioration over time.

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Is ChatGPT Free to Use?

The base ChatGPT interface is available free of charge, subsidized by OpenAI's commercial API customers. However, free users face limitations like:

  • Throttle quotas - conversations get cut off after a handful of exchanges.
  • Access prioritization - paying subscribers receive capacity priority during surges.
  • Narrow scope - unable to customize domains/data for specialized chatbot performance.

Paid tiers like ChatGPT Professional ($42/month) offer higher quotas, faster responses, and additional features. But faces the same reliability challenges.

Why is ChatGPT Giving Wrong Answers?

While advanced in conversing, multiple studies uncovered ChatGPT's tendency to hallucinate false information across topics:

  • Finance queries saw 80% bogus or unsafe responses risking investments or accounts.
  • Researchers found over 50% inaccurate answers on history, science, geography, and entertainment questions.
  • As models expand scope, training limitations manifest in such factual errors.

So despite human-like exchanges, ChatGPT's knowledge gaps pose substantive correctness issues on factual matters.


Behind flashy demos, ChatGPT suffers from availability and accuracy shortcomings making dependability questionable. Anakin AI prevails as a leading alternative for achieving equivalent capabilities through proven infrastructure and the newest language models.

So when asking “Is ChatGPT down?” and wanting confidence in a backup chatbot, Anakin AI checks all the boxes. Ultimately, sidestepping the unpredictability of first-generation tools allows users to unlock leading-edge AI potential consistently.


Is ChatGPT offline now?

Yes, according to OpenAI's status page, ChatGPT is currently experiencing an outage making it unavailable.

Is ChatGPT worth paying for?

No, given the recurrent reliability problems and access limits still faced by paid tiers. Free alternative chatbots are better options.

Which AI chatbot is better than ChatGPT?

Anakin AI is the leading choice – offering uninterrupted GPT-4 access through robust infrastructure.