Gpt-4-0125-preview: Is ChatGPT Still Lazy at Coding? (with Benchmarks)

Discover how OpenAI's groundbreaking GPT-4-0125 update is transforming AI code generation, with exclusive insights into its enhanced capabilities, security features, and the eagerly awaited GPT-4 Turbo with vision – read our comprehensive analysis now!

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Gpt-4-0125-preview: Is ChatGPT Still Lazy at Coding? (with Benchmarks)

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In a significant advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, OpenAI's latest GPT-4-0125 model preview marks a notable shift in AI-assisted code generation capabilities. This update addresses critical challenges faced by developers, particularly in relation to the model's previously noted "laziness" in completing coding tasks. This article delves into the technical enhancements and benchmarks of the new model, offering a comprehensive view of its potential impact in the realm of AI and coding.

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Article Summary

  • The GPT-4-0125 model update revolutionizes AI-assisted code generation, addressing previous limitations and introducing more efficient task completion.
  • New embedding models and advanced API key management features offer a balance of enhanced performance, security, and affordability.
  • The upcoming GPT-4 Turbo with vision represents the next frontier in AI development, promising to expand the scope and application of AI technology significantly.

Is gpt-4-0125-preview Still Lazy at Coding?

  • Previous Challenges: Developers frequently encountered issues with AI models partially completing code generation tasks, resulting in frustration and additional manual work.
  • GPT-4-0125 Solution: The new model update promises a more complete and thorough approach to task execution, particularly in code generation, by addressing these inefficiencies.
Aider’s Lazy Coding Benchmark
Source: Aider’s Lazy Coding Benchmark

Gpt-4-0125-preview Benchmarks

MIRACL and MTEB Benchmarks: GPT-4-0125 vs. Previous Models

  • Benchmark Overview:
  • MIRACL (Multi-language Information Retrieval and Clustering): Assesses model's performance in understanding and retrieving information across multiple languages.
  • MTEB (Multi-Task English Benchmark): Measures model's effectiveness in executing various tasks in English.
Model MIRACL Average Score (%) MTEB Average Score (%)
GPT-4-0125 Preview To be updated To be updated
Previous GPT-4 Model To be updated To be updated
GPT-3.5-Turbo-0125 Not Applicable Not Applicable
Text-embedding-3-small 44.0 62.3
Text-embedding-3-large 54.9 64.6
Text-embedding-ada-002 31.4 61.0

(Note: The scores for GPT-4-0125 Preview are yet to be updated as the model is still undergoing testing.)

Price Drop of gpt-3.5-turbo: Cheaper OpenAI Models

Price Drop of gpt-3.5-turbo
Price Drop of gpt-3.5-turbo
  • GPT-3.5 Turbo Model Pricing: Input prices have been halved to $0.0005 per 1k tokens, and output prices reduced by 25% to $0.0015 per 1k tokens.
  • Embedding Models Pricing:
  • Text-embedding-3-small now costs $0.00002 per 1k tokens, a substantial reduction from its predecessor.
  • Text-embedding-3-large is priced at $0.00013 per 1k tokens, balancing enhanced performance with affordability.

Small and Large Text Embedding Models

Text Embedding Models OpenAI
Text Embedding Models OpenAI

Key Features:


  • Designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Offers significant improvement over the text-embedding-ada-002 model.
  • Ideal for applications requiring fast and economical embedding solutions.


  • Provides high-performance embeddings with up to 3072 dimensions.
  • Supports shortening embeddings, balancing performance with storage and cost considerations.
  • Suitable for complex applications requiring deep, nuanced understanding.

Embedding Model Comparisons

Feature Text-embedding-3-small Text-embedding-3-large Text-embedding-ada-002
Embedding Dimensions 512 Up to 3072 1536
Average MTEB Score (%) 62.3 64.6 61.0
Pricing per 1k Tokens $0.00002 $0.00013 $0.0001

Security and Observability Enhancements in GPT-4-0125

Advanced API Key Management: Enhanced Control and Security

  • Customizable API Key Permissions:
  • Developers can now assign specific permissions to API keys, enhancing control over their use.
  • Options include read-only access and restriction to certain endpoints, bolstering security and flexibility.

Improved Usage Dashboard

  • Granular Usage Tracking:
  • The updated dashboard now offers detailed metrics at the API key level.
  • This feature enables tracking of usage patterns across different features, teams, products, or projects.

Implications for Developers

  • Enhanced Security: The ability to assign precise permissions to API keys mitigates risks associated with unauthorized or unintended use.
  • Better Resource Management: Detailed usage tracking allows for more efficient allocation and management of resources within organizations.

OpenAI is Planning to Launch Gpt-4-vision-turbo

  • General Availability: OpenAI plans to launch the GPT-4 Turbo with vision in the coming months, a move expected to further revolutionize the AI landscape.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: Integrating vision with GPT-4's already robust language processing abilities could open new avenues for AI applications.
  • Broader Use Cases: From enhanced image recognition to complex multimodal interactions, the potential uses of GPT-4 Turbo with vision are vast.


The introduction of the GPT-4-0125 preview represents a significant step forward in AI technology. OpenAI's focus on addressing specific user concerns, such as the "laziness" in code generation, alongside improvements in embedding models, security, and observability, demonstrates a deep commitment to evolving AI capabilities in a manner that is both user-centric and technologically advanced.

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