Free AI Image Prompt Generator [Examples + Templates]

This is a High Quality AI Image Prompt Generator, good to be used in MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, Dalle-3, BlueWillow and Others.

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Free AI Image Prompt Generator [Examples + Templates]

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Do you want to become a Midjourney, DALL·E 3, CF Spark or Stable Diffusion master today? The human-friendly prompt builder will help you. You can also try it with other diffusion models, such as DALL-E 2, Disco Diffusion, WOMBO Dream, or any diffusion model. If it does, share the experience on social media.Get creative with your prompts and turn your imagination into art. Use a tool named Anakin AI , has a built-in App 'AI Image Prompt Generator', which is a free prompt builder to add details into your prompts and generate unique AI art in seconds.

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What is an AI prompt generator?

An AI Image Prompt Generator is a software tool that uses data to produce images based on certain parameters. You can use this tool to generate AI images on supported text to image models like Midjourney, DALL·E 3, CF Spark or Stable Diffusion master.

How do I use the prompt generator?

Method 1. Handwritten image prompt generation

To write a good prompt, you need to have a clear vision for your expected output. We recommend listing down every detail you would like to see, and be as specific as possible. When coming up with prompts, feel free to imagine people, objects, and places as a reference for the prompt builder.

Tag placement example

  • Quality tags: masterpiece, 8k, UHD, trending on artstation, best quality, CG, unity, best quality, official art
  • Character/subject tags: 1 girl, beautiful young woman, pale blue eyes, long blonde hair
  • Medium tags: sketch, oil painting, illustration, digital art, photo-realistic, realistic
  • Background environment tags: intricate garden, flowers, roses, trees, leaves, table, chair, teacup
  • Color tags: monochromatic, tetradic, warm colors, cool colors, pastel colors
  • Atmospheric tags: cheerful, vibrant, dark, eerie
  • Emotion tags: sad, happy, smiling, gleeful
  • Composition tags: side view, looking at viewer, extreme close-up, diagonal shot, dynamic angle

Method 2. Generate AI Image Prompt with Anakin AI

Creating seamless AI art is user-friendly and perfect for beginners. You can definitely use Anakin AI to generate high quality and detailed AI art.Step 1: Launch the Anakin App or access to  Anakin Web, easily search and find the "AI Image Prompt Generator" app to use.

Step 2: Enter the specific details of the characters, environments, and artistic styles you want to create.

Step 3: Click on the "Generate" button to get access to a perfectly tailored AI text-to-image prompt.

Step 4: Copy the generated output and use it as a prompt for your image generation project.

Input into Stable Diffusion to generate images.

Input into Midjourney to generate images.

More platforms await you to try out!


Enjoy the seamless process of creating captivating and detailed images based on your customized prompts.With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly create dynamic and captivating prompts for various image generation applications. Whether you are an artist seeking inspiration or a developer looking to enhance your AI models, AI Image Prompt Generator has got you covered.