21 Best Stable Diffusion Models that Will Make You WoW

Want to know what are the best, top trending Stable Diffusion Models, in this article, we talked about the absolute best ones for PhotoRealistic Style, Anime, Cartoon and General Design!

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21 Best Stable Diffusion Models that Will Make You WoW

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This comprehensive guide will walk you through the intricacies of Stable Diffusion models, highlighting their capabilities, benefits, and applications. We'll delve into the top Stable Diffusion models available. These Stable Diffusion Models are classified into 3 categories:

  • PhotoRealistic Styles
  • General Styles
  • Anime / Cartoon Styles

Whether you're a professional artist, a graphic designer, or simply someone looking to explore the possibilities of AI, understanding and utilizing the best Stable Diffusion models is vital.

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Stable Diffusion Image Generator | AI Powered | Anakin.ai
This is an image generation application based on the Stable Diffusion model, capable of producing high-quality and diverse image content. It is suitable for various creative tasks, where you can simply choose or input the appropriate prompt to instantly generate images.

What is a Stable Diffusion Model?

A Stable Diffusion model is an advanced machine learning algorithm specifically designed for image generation. These models leverage large datasets and complex mathematical techniques to generate highly realistic and detailed images.

Best Stable Diffusion Models - PhotoRealistic Styles

1. EpiCPhotoGasm: The Photorealism Prodigy

  • What It Does: Highly tuned for photorealism, this model excels in creating realistic images with minimal prompting. It handles various ethnicities and ages with ease.
  • Pros: Makes every image look like it's been clicked by a pro photographer.
  • Cons: You might start doubting the reality of every photo you see.
  • Coment: "EpiCPhotoGasm makes reality look so good, you'll need to pinch yourself!"
  • Download Link: EpiCPhotoGasm
epiCPhotoGasm - Last Unicorn | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
Welcome to epiCPhotoGasm This Model is highly tuned for Photorealism with the tiniest amount of exessive prompting needed to shine. All Showcase im...

2. Realistic Vision: The Photorealism Phenom

Realistic Vision
Realistic Vision
  • What It Does: A maestro of photorealistic rendering, perfect for images that make you do a double-take. Whether it's architectural wonders or lifelike product showcases, this model's got the chops.
  • Pros: Your go-to for projects that need that ‘is-this-a-photo-or-what?’ vibe.
  • Cons: May cause a mild identity crisis for photographers.
  • Comment: "Realistic Vision blurs the line between reality and AI so well, you'll start doubting your own holiday photos."
  • Download Realistic Vision:
Realistic Vision V6.0 B1 - V6.0 B1 (VAE) | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
I recommend checking out the information about Realistic Vision V6.0 B1 on Hugging Face. This model is available on Mage.Space (main sponsor) and S...

3. Photon: The Realistic Image Maker

  • What It Does: Specializes in generating photorealistic and visually appealing images with ease. It focuses on simplicity in prompting and creating high-quality visuals.
  • Pros: Great for quickly generating high-quality, photorealistic images.
  • Cons: Might make you lazy with its effortless image creation.
  • Coment: "Photon is so good at making things look real, you'll start questioning if your eyes are deceiving you!"
  • Download Link: Photon
Photon - v1 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
Photon aims to generate photorealistic and visually appealing images effortlessly. Recommendation for generating the first image with Photon: Promp...

4. MajicMIX Realistic: The Hyper-Detailed Realist

MajicMIX Realistic
MajicMIX Realistic
  • What It Does: Offers a mix of realistic light and shadow with increased realism in faces. It's excellent for detailed and realistic portraits with various high-res upscaling options.
  • Pros: Takes facial details to the next level, making characters look incredibly lifelike.
  • Cons: Might make you overly critical of your own selfies.
  • Comment: "MajicMIX Realistic is so good at faces, you'll start wondering if it knows you better than your mirror!"
  • Download Link for MajicMix Realistic 麦橘写实
majicMIX realistic 麦橘写实 - v7 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
Mage provides unlimited generations for my model with amazing features. They also share their revenue per content generation with me! Go check it o...

5. Juggernaut XL: The Cinematic Sensation

Juggernaut XL
Juggernaut XL
  • What It Does: Known for enhancing contrast and creating natural lighting conditions. This model excels in various photography styles and has a special focus on architecture, wildlife, and cinematic shots.
  • Pros: Brings a cinematic flair to your images, making them look like movie stills.
  • Cons: You might start critiquing every movie for not matching up to Juggernaut XL's standards.
  • Comment: "With Juggernaut XL, every photo looks like it's from a blockbuster movie!"
  • Download Link: Juggernaut XL
Juggernaut XL - V 7 + RunDiffusion | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
For business inquires, commercial licensing, custom models, and consultation contact me under juggernaut@rundiffusion.com Update: Added a FP16 VAE ...

Best Stable Diffusion Models - General Styles

6. DreamShaper & DreamShaper XL: The Imaginative Innovator

  • What It Does: A virtuoso in creative AI design, this model conjures up images that belong in a dream or a surrealist painting. Ideal for bending the rules of reality in art.
  • Pros: A goldmine for artists aiming to create mind-bending, imaginative masterpieces.
  • Cons: Reality might start feeling a bit bland in comparison.
  • Comment: "DreamShaper is so out there, it could give Salvador Dali a run for his money in a dream-off!"
  • Download DreamShaper XL:
DreamShaper XL - Turbo DPMpp SDE | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
DreamShaper XL - Now Turbo! Also check out the 1.5 DreamShaper page Check the version description below (bottom right) for more info and add a ❤️ to...
  • Download DreamShaper 8:
DreamShaper - 8 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
DreamShaper - V∞! Please check out my other base models , including SDXL ones! Check the version description below (bottom right) for more info and...

7. PerfectDeliberate: The Perfect General Purpose AI Artist

  • What It Does: A balanced model for all purpose art creation.
  • Pros: Ideal for artists who have a clear vision and need a model that aligns with their objectives.
  • Cons: Not for the spontaneous and whimsical artist.
  • Comment: "PerfectDeliberate is like having a personal AI artist who's always asking, 'What's the plan?'"
  • Download Link: PerfectDeliberate
PerfectDeliberate - v5 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
Join the Discord for questions / sharing pictures :) : https://discord.gg/gcJqAKQ5Af If you want to support me: https://www.patreon.com/DesyncAI :)

8. OpenJourney: The Community Collaborator

  • What It Does: An open-source model that thrives on community collaboration. It's like a communal art studio, but in the digital realm.
  • Pros: Fantastic for those who love to share, collaborate, and be part of a creative community.
  • Cons: You might get too many cooks (or artists) in the kitchen.
  • Comment: "OpenJourney is the art world's equivalent of a potluck dinner – everyone brings something to the table!"

Download Open Journey:

Openjourney - Openjourney-v4 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
Openjourney-v4 Trained on +124k Midjourney v4 images, by PromptHero Trained on Stable Diffusion v1.5 using +124000 images, 12400 steps, 4 epochs +3...

9. ChilloutMix

  • What It Does: A new merge model for 2.5D illustrations, emphasizing realistic Asian facial features and textures. It merges various models including "Basilmix" and realistic models from Civitai.
  • Pros: Offers a realistic portrayal of Asian features and a variety of face variations.
  • Cons: Limited commercial use and requires careful consideration of legal and privacy issues.
  • Comment: "ChilloutMix brings a chill vibe to 2.5D art, perfect for kicking back and watching your creations come to life."
  • Download Link: ChilloutMix
ChilloutMix - Chilloutmix-Ni-pruned-fp32-fix | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
This model has been republished and its ownership transferred to Civitai with the full permissions of the model creator. They have asked that all i...

Best Stable Diffusion Models - Anime / Cartoon Styles

Let's dive into these new Stable Diffusion models, incorporating the most detailed information. I'll make sure to include the download links as well!

10. AniVerse: The Animation and Universe Blend

  • What It Does: Aims for easy prompting in creating animated and universe-themed artwork. It's a long-term project with regular updates to enhance its capabilities.
  • Pros: Perfect for creating a wide range of animated and universal themes with minimal effort.
  • Cons: May lead to spending hours just exploring different animation styles.
  • Comment: "AniVerse: Where every creation feels like a new universe has just been born!"
  • Download Link:
AniVerse - V1.5 - Pruned | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
⬇Read the info below to get the high quality images ( click on show more )⬇ >>> UPLOADING/SHARING MY MODELS OUTSIDE CIVITAI IS STRICLY PRO...

11. Dark Sushi Mix 大颗寿司Mix

Dark Sushi Mix 大颗寿司Mix
Dark Sushi Mix 大颗寿司Mix
  • What It Does: Integrates 2.5D art with anime style, enhancing limb realism and facial diversity while retaining anime aesthetics.
  • Pros: Ideal for artists who adore a blend of anime with a touch of realism.
  • Cons: Tends to produce darker images, so light adjustments might be needed.
  • Comment: "Dark Sushi Mix is like a visual sushi buffet – every style has its own unique flavor!"
  • Download Link: Dark Sushi Mix 大颗寿司Mix
Dark Sushi Mix 大颗寿司Mix - 2.25D | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
Recommend: vae-ft-mse-840000-ema use highres fix to improve quality. 打了一个月王国之泪后重操旧业。 新版本算是对2.5d的整合,保留整体二次元画风的同时肢体上比前几个版本要好,脸型也要更多样化一点。 但光影和线条上就和2.5...

12. Grapefruit

  • What It Does: Aims to be a bright, clear, and less semi-realistic anime style model. It's versatile for both hentai and SFW images.
  • Pros: Great for creating anime-style images with clarity and a distinct style.
  • Cons: Requires careful prompting and understanding of its limitations for high-quality outputs.
  • Comment: "Grapefruit is like a refreshing burst of creativity for anime enthusiasts – sweet with a hint of zest!"
  • Download Link: Grapefruit
Grapefruit (hentai model) - grapefruitV4.1 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
Model page for grapefruit, grapefruit aims to be a hentai model with a bright, clear and less semirealistic anime style. Model is also good for SFW...

13. AbyssOrangeMix3 (AOM3): The Customizable Connoisseur

  • What It Does: Offers a unique blend of AI capabilities, allowing for custom-tailored solutions. It's like having an AI artist who caters to your every whim.
  • Pros: Great for when you need something specific and just can't find the right preset.
  • Cons: Could lead to decision paralysis with so many customization options.
  • Comment: "AbyssOrangeMix3 is so adaptable, it's like playing dress-up with your art – endless possibilities!"
  • Download Link:
AbyssOrangeMix3 (AOM3) - AOM3A1B | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
▼Some tips Discussion: I warmly welcome you to share your creations made using this model in the discussion section. If you encounter any issues, p...

14. RealCartoon3D: The Diverse Realism Wizard

  • What It Does: Aims to produce diverse human characters with realistic skin flaws and excels in LoRAs. The mission is to achieve high-quality results quickly, even on a gaming laptop.
  • Pros: Captures variety in human appearances beautifully and handles skin details like a pro.
  • Cons: Might make your gaming laptop feel like it's about to launch into space.
  • Comment: "RealCartoon3D is so diverse, it's like the United Nations of character creation!"
  • Download Link:
RealCartoon3D - V12 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
You can also run this model on sinkin.ai and mage.space: https://sinkin.ai/m/gLv9zeq https://www.mage.space/ Want to buy me coffee? (Buy a cup) Upd...

15. Find&ForgetYou: The Toon and Animation Blender

  • What It Does: A blend of Pathfinder, ForgottenMix-Animation, and ToonYou. Great for creating animated and cartoonish characters with a unique twist.
  • Pros: Perfect for when you want to create something that's a blend of reality and cartoons.
  • Cons: May cause an identity crisis in cartoon characters.
  • Comment: "Find&ForgetYou is like a cartoon party in an AI model – everyone's invited!"
  • Download Link: Find&ForgetYou
Find&ForgetYou - v2.0 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
Find&ForgetYou A simple checkpoint merge of Pathfinder , ForgottenMix-Animation , and ToonYou . Check out those great models and the authors’ o...

16. MeinaMix: The Mixed Media Maestro

  • What It Does: A chameleon in the world of mixed media AI. It seamlessly merges photography, illustration, traditional, and digital art techniques into a harmonious blend.
  • Pros: Perfect for when you can't decide between drawing or taking a photo.
  • Cons: Might give you an art-style identity crisis.
  • Comment: "With MeinaMix, who needs to choose a style? Mix 'em all and let the AI sort 'em out!"
  • Download Link for MeinaMix:
MeinaMix - Meina V11 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
MeinaMix objective is to be able to do good art with little prompting. I have a discord where you can share images , discuss prompt and ask for hel...

17. Anything V3: The Jack-of-All-Trades

  • What It Does: A flexible and adaptable general-purpose model. It's like the Swiss Army knife of AI, ready to tackle images, animations, and a plethora of creative endeavors.
  • Pros: The reliable all-rounder for any and every creative task.
  • Cons: Might make you too reliant on AI for everything creative.
  • Comment: "Anything V3 is so versatile, it's like having an AI genie in your computer - minus the three-wish limit."
Anything V3 - fp16 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
更新版本的V5可以看这个: Newer V5 versions can look at this: 万象熔炉 | Anything V5 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai

18. Counterfeit-V3.0

  • What It Does: A high-quality anime style model that excels in generating detailed and expressive anime characters.
  • Pros: Perfect for creating high-resolution, detailed anime images.
  • Cons: Might need a bit of trial and error to master its full potential.
  • Comment: "Counterfeit-V3.0 is like the secret ingredient in your anime creation recipe – it just makes everything better!"
  • Download Link: Counterfeit-V3.0
Counterfeit-V3.0 - v3.0 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
high quality anime style model. Support☕ https://ko-fi.com/sfa837348 more info. https://huggingface.co/gsdf/Counterfeit-V2.0 Verson2.5 https://hugg...

19.OrangeCocoa 50/50 Mix

OrangeCocoa 50/50 Mix
OrangeCocoa 50/50 Mix
  • What It Does: A balanced mix of AbyssOrangeMix2_hard and Cocoa from Yohan Diffusion, this model is known for delivering excellent results, especially in character creation and dynamic scenes.
  • Pros: Ideal for artists looking to blend styles for unique character designs and vivid scenes.
  • Cons: Specific focus means it may not be as versatile for other types of art.
  • Comment: "OrangeCocoa 50/50 Mix is like a perfect dessert blend – half zesty orange, half sweet cocoa, all artistic deliciousness!"
  • Download Link: OrangeCocoa 50/50 Mix
OrangeCocoa 50/50 Mix - 1.1.0 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
This is a checkpoint that’s a 50% mix of AbyssOrangeMix2_hard and 50% Cocoa from Yohan Diffusion. I’ve seen a few people mention this mix as having...

20. Waifu Diffusion: The Anime Dream Weaver

Waifu Diffusion
Waifu Diffusion
  • What It Does: Specializes in crafting anime-style characters. This model is a wizard at generating unique virtual characters complete with quirky expressions, diverse styles, and those big, sparkly anime eyes.
  • Pros: Ideal for anime enthusiasts and character design wizards. It's like having a magic anime character generator at your fingertips.
  • Cons: You might start wishing your life had an anime soundtrack and dramatic wind effects.
  • Comment: "Waifu Diffusion is so good, it'll make your sketches look like they're straight out of Akihabara!"
  • Download Link:
hakurei/waifu-diffusion · Hugging Face
We’re on a journey to advance and democratize artificial intelligence through open source and open science.

21. GhostMix

  • What It Does: GhostMix is an advanced 2.5D model, known for its realism in faces and high good image rate. The creator, Ghost_Shell, has refined this model through multiple versions, focusing on compatibility and image detail.
  • Pros: Exceptional for creating detailed and realistic 2.5D images, with a high rate of producing quality outputs.
  • Cons: Requires specific settings and understanding of its features for optimal results.
  • Comment: "GhostMix is like the ghostwriter of your AI art - you get the credit while it does the heavy lifting in the background!"
  • Download Link: GhostMix V2 at Mage, Tusi.art, SeaArt GhostMix, SinkIn.ai GhostMix
GhostMix - v2.0-BakedVAE | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
I create the world’s first checkpoint review framework GhostReview on my own. If you want to see the detail, please check the article link below. h...

And there you have it, an expanded list of Stable Diffusion models, each with its unique charm and capabilities, ready to take your creative projects to new heights! 🌈🎨✨

How to Train a Stable Diffusion Model?

To train Stable Diffusion models, vast and diverse datasets are essential. These datasets serve as the foundation for the models to learn and generate accurate representations of various objects, scenes, and styles. The quality and diversity of the dataset greatly influence the performance and capabilities of the trained models.

How do I choose the right Stable Diffusion model for my project?

When choosing a Stable Diffusion model for your project, consider the style, subject, and objectives of your creative endeavor. Each model excels in different areas, so pick the one that aligns with your desired outputs.

Can I fine-tune a pre-trained Stable Diffusion model?

Yes, fine-tuning a pre-trained Stable Diffusion model is possible and can further enhance its performance and adapt it to your specific requirements.

Are there any limitations to what Stable Diffusion models can generate?

While Stable Diffusion models are highly capable, they do have limitations. These models rely on the datasets they are trained on, so generating outputs outside the scope of their training data may yield less accurate or desirable results.

Where can I access these Stable Diffusion models Online?

Most of these models can be downloaded at Civitai. However, if you want to access Stable Diffusion Image Generation feature online, you can use Anakin AI's powerful Stable Diffusion Image Generator:

Stable Diffusion Image Generator | AI Powered | Anakin.ai
This is an image generation application based on the Stable Diffusion model, capable of producing high-quality and diverse image content. It is suitable for various creative tasks, where you can simply choose or input the appropriate prompt to instantly generate images.

Visit Anakin AI's Stable Diffusion Image Generator to explore and experiment with Stable Diffusion!


Stable Diffusion models have revolutionized image generation, offering a wide range of capabilities and possibilities for creative professionals and enthusiasts alike. By exploring and harnessing the power of these models, you can elevate your creative process and unlock new realms of artistic expression.

In this guide, we've covered the best Stable Diffusion models, their features, and their applications across various industries and creative fields. From anime-style character generation to photorealistic rendering and retro-inspired artwork, these models offer unparalleled opportunities for creative exploration.