Top 6 AI Tools for Productivity 2024

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Top 6 AI Tools for Productivity 2024

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According to Accenture's investigation, large language models affect 40% of working hours, demonstrating the pervasiveness of AI's influence. This article lists 6 technologies— 100% effective— Anakin AI, Chat GPT, Jasper AI, Grammarly, Wondershare Filmora, and DALLE 3, that are completely changing the way we work.

Explore how AI can transform your life with the top 2024 productivity tools. The exponential rise of the global AI market—which is projected to reach $1,811.8 billion by 2030—is examined. After the piece, a list of six AI productivity tools is included, offering a glimpse into the future of work.

Tools Covered in this Article:

1. Anakin AI for Boosting Productivity
2. ChatGPT for General Content Creation
3. Jasper AI for Writing Professional Content
4. Grammarly for Grammar Checker and Rewording
5. Wondershare Filmora for Visual Story Telling
6. DALLE 3 for Natural Language Based Image Generation

1: Introducing Revolutionizing AI Applications for Everyone


Embrace the future of AI with, a powerful platform that brings AI capabilities to the fingertips of individuals and teams, making complex tasks a breeze. Whether you're automating repetitive work, generating content, or building sophisticated AI applications, empowers users with a no-code approach, ensuring accessibility and productivity for all.

Key Features of

AI App Variety:

  • Create diverse AI applications, including text generators, image generators, video generators, workflows, batch processing jobs, and auto agents.

No-Code AI App Building:

  • Build custom AI applications with an intuitive, visual interface, enabling users to design and deploy apps without any coding knowledge.

AI Model Support:

  • Leverage advanced AI models, including GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude 2, Stable Diffusion, DALL·E, Gemini, PaLM, Mistral, Meta Llama, and Bard for a range of applications.

Batch Operations:

  • Accelerate tasks with batch processing, allowing users to run Anakin Apps on hundreds or thousands of records for efficient content generation and data processing.

Auto Agents for Automation:

  • Automate complex tasks with Auto Agents, customizable AI assistants that resolve challenges through light configuration.


  • No-Code AI App Building: allows users to create unique, standalone AI applications without the need for coding, making AI accessible to everyone.
  • Diverse AI App Types: From text generators to image generators, workflows, batch processing jobs, and auto agents, supports a wide array of AI applications to suit various needs.
  • Integration with Existing Tools: Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and services, embedding intelligent technology directly into your daily workflows.


  • Learning Curve: Users might experience a learning curve, especially when diving into advanced features and customization options.
  • Limited Free Credits: The free plan comes with a daily limit of 30 credits, which may be restrictive for users with extensive AI app usage.

Pricing Details:

  • Free Plan:
  • Price: $0/month
  • Credits: 30 free personal credits/day
  • Features: Basic functions, limited batch running

Basic Plan:

  • Price: $9.90/month (Save 23%)
  • Credits: 5,000 personal credits/month
  • Features: Unlimited batch running, Dedicated Client Server

Pro Plan:

  • Price: $19.90/month (Save 20%)
  • Credits: 10,000 personal credits/month
  • Features: Unlimited batch running, Dedicated Client Server

Choose the plan that suits your needs and liberate yourself from repetitive tasks. stands at the forefront of democratizing AI, offering a platform that suits both beginners and advanced users. With an array of applications, seamless integration, and a commitment to accessibility, is poised to transform the landscape of AI utilization for individuals and teams alike. Sign up, explore, and unleash the power of AI without the complexities.

2. ChatGPT: Best AI Tool for General Content Creation


Among the frontrunners in conversational AI, ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, stands out with its unique blend of creative capabilities. Leveraging natural language understanding and robust language models, ChatGPT excels in automating tasks such as report summarization and code creation.

Key Features of ChatGPT:

  • Natural Language Understanding: While discussing about Top 6 AI tools for productivity in 2024. ChatGPT boasts advanced natural language understanding, allowing it to comprehend and respond to user inputs in a conversational manner.
  • Contextual Responses: The model leverages context from the conversation to generate responses that maintain coherence and relevance.
  • Creative and Diverse Applications:
  • Code Generation: One of ChatGPT's standout features is its ability to generate code snippets in various programming languages, aiding developers in automating coding tasks.
  • Content Creation: From writing articles to generating creative content, ChatGPT demonstrates versatility in producing diverse forms of written material.

User-Friendly Pricing Plans:

  • Free Tier (GPT-3.5): ChatGPT offers a free plan, GPT-3.5, providing users with unlimited access without any associated costs or time restrictions.
  • Paid Tier: Enthusiasts looking for advanced features, including access to GPT-4 and plug-ins, can subscribe to the paid tier at a reasonable cost of $20 per month.
  • Reasoning and Logic Capabilities:
  • Advanced Reasoning: ChatGPT exhibits sophisticated reasoning capabilities, enabling it to engage in logical discussions and provide well-structured responses.
  • Mathematical Calculations: The model can perform mathematical computations, making it a valuable tool for users requiring quick and accurate solutions.
  • Community and Developer Support:
  • Active Community Forums: ChatGPT benefits from a vibrant and engaged user community, facilitating knowledge sharing, troubleshooting, and idea exchange.
  • Developer-Friendly API: OpenAI provides an API for developers to integrate ChatGPT into their applications, extending its capabilities and usability.

Continuous Learning and Improvement:

  • Training Updates: OpenAI periodically updates and refines ChatGPT through training, ensuring the model evolves and improves over time.
  • Feedback Loop: Users can provide feedback on model outputs, contributing to ongoing improvements and addressing potential limitations.

Secure and Privacy-Conscious:

  • Secure Communication: ChatGPT prioritizes secure communication, and interactions occur over encrypted channels to protect user data.
  • Data Retention Policies: OpenAI has implemented data retention policies to safeguard user privacy, reflecting a commitment to responsible AI usage.

Customizable and Extendable:

  • Plug-Ins (Paid Tier): The paid tier of ChatGPT offers access to plug-ins, allowing users to extend the functionality of the tool for specific use cases.
  • Customization: While maintaining a user-friendly interface, ChatGPT is customizable to an extent, enabling users to adapt the tool to their preferences.


  • ChatGPT offers a user-friendly free plan, GPT-3.5, granting unlimited access without any time constraints.
  • Enthusiasts seeking additional features, including access to GPT-4 and plug-ins, can opt for the paid tier at $20 per month.


i. Free GPT-3.5 tier: Unlimited access for users without any financial commitment.

ii. Advanced reasoning and logic: Employs sophisticated reasoning capabilities for diverse applications.

iii. Code writing and mathematical calculations: Excels in generating code snippets and performing mathematical computations.


i. Contextual understanding limitations: While ChatGPT excels in many language tasks, its contextual understanding may sometimes be limited, leading to occasional misinterpretations or responses that may not fully align with the user's intent.

ii. Dependency on internet connectivity: ChatGPT relies on a stable internet connection for optimal performance. Users in areas with unreliable internet access may experience interruptions or delays in utilizing the tool.

iii. Limited industry-specific expertise: While versatile, ChatGPT's knowledge is broad and may lack depth in certain industry-specific domains. Users seeking highly specialized or niche information may find the responses less tailored to their specific needs.

3. Jasper AI: Best AI Tool for Writing Professional Content


While discussing about Top 6 AI tools for productivity in 2024. Introducing Jasper, the virtuoso of content creation that transcends ordinary storytelling. Functioning as a master artist, Jasper excels in crafting narratives that seamlessly align with a brand's identity. Its capabilities extend to designing search engine-friendly blogs, composing compelling advertising messages, and devising attention-grabbing headlines. This AI luminary acts as a wizard, effortlessly adapting to diverse brand styles, ensuring that every piece of content it generates feels tailor-made.

Key Features of Jasper:

  • Adaptive Brand Voice: Jasper excels in adapting its writing style to match different brand voices. This ensures that the content it creates aligns seamlessly with a brand's identity and messaging strategy.
  • Unlimited Word Capacity: Users benefit from the freedom of expressing their ideas without constraints, as Jasper offers an unlimited word capacity for content creation.
  • Versatile Templates: Among the top 10 AI tools in 2024 for productivity, Jasper with over 50 pre-built templates, provides a diverse range of options for users. Additionally, users can create custom templates to tailor content according to specific needs.
  • Dynamic Templates: Jasper's dynamic templates add an extra layer of adaptability, allowing users to create content that is flexible and can be easily customized for various purposes.
  • Blog Optimization for Search Engines: Jasper is equipped to design blogs that are not only engaging but also optimized for search engines. This feature enhances the discoverability of content online.
  • Compelling Advertising Messages: Leveraging its creative capabilities, Jasper crafts catchy and persuasive advertising messages that can capture the attention of the target audience effectively.
  • Eye-catching Headlines: Jasper's proficiency extends to the creation of captivating headlines, a crucial element in attracting readers and driving engagement.
  • Free Trial Period: Users can explore Jasper's capabilities with a free trial period, allowing them to experience its features and assess its suitability for their content creation needs.
  • Affordable Premium Membership: For users looking to unlock additional features and access a broader range of creative possibilities, Jasper offers a premium membership at an affordable price of $39 per month.
  • Continuous Improvement and Updates: Jasper undergoes regular updates and improvements, ensuring that users benefit from enhanced features and capabilities over time.


Embark on a seven-day journey with Jasper by trying it for free. If you find yourself captivated by its storytelling prowess, consider upgrading to a premium membership, available at a modest $39 per month—a small price to pay for unlocking the full spectrum of creative possibilities.


i. Brand Voice Adaptation:

  • Jasper's forte lies in its ability to seamlessly adapt to different brand voices, ensuring that the generated content resonates authentically with the desired identity.

ii. Unlimited Words:

  • Enjoy the freedom of expression with Jasper's unlimited word capacity, allowing you to articulate your ideas without constraints.

iii. 50+ Templates, Custom Templates, and Dynamic Templates:

  • Choose from a rich repository of over 50 templates or customize your own to suit specific needs. Dynamic templates add a layer of adaptability, ensuring flexibility in content creation.


i. May Struggle with Technical Topics:

  • While Jasper excels in creative storytelling, it may face challenges when dealing with highly technical subjects. Users seeking content in specialized domains may need to provide additional guidance.

ii. Limited Industry-specific Knowledge:

  • Jasper's strength lies in its adaptability, but it may lack in-depth knowledge of highly specialized industries or niche subjects. Users requiring domain-specific expertise might find Jasper's output to be more generalized.

iii. Dependency on User Inputs:

  • While Jasper is adept at content creation, it heavily relies on user inputs and guidance. Users looking for a fully autonomous content generation tool may find that Jasper requires more hands-on interaction.

4. Grammarly: Best AI Tool for Grammar Checker and Rewording


Embark on a journey through the literary seas with Grammarly, a superhero for sentences that ensures your writing shines with perfection. In the top 6 tools for productivity in 2024 Grammarly functions as a literary wizard, Grammarly is adept at checking grammar and refining style, transforming your writing into a polished masterpiece. This tool effortlessly corrects mistakes and provides suggestions for more articulate expressions, making the written word easily comprehensible to all.


Grammarly caters to both budget-conscious and premium users. Enjoy the benefits of the free edition or elevate your writing experience with the premium version, available at a reasonable $12.50 per month—a small investment for the meticulous care of well-crafted writing.

Key Features of Grammarly:

  • Comprehensive Grammar Checking: Grammarly provides thorough grammar checking, ensuring that your writing is free from grammatical errors and adheres to established language conventions.
  • Style Enhancement: Beyond grammar, Grammarly assists in refining writing style, suggesting improvements for coherence, clarity, and overall readability.
  • Typos and Spelling Errors Correction: Grammarly's keen eye for detail extends to the identification and correction of typos and spelling errors, contributing to error-free writing.
  • Premium Writing Suggestions: The premium version offers advanced writing suggestions, providing users with nuanced recommendations for improving sentence structure, word choice, and overall writing quality.
  • Plagiarism Checker (Premium): Premium users benefit from a plagiarism checker, ensuring the originality of their content and providing confidence in its authenticity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Grammarly features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to writers of all levels and backgrounds.
  • Integration Across Platforms: Grammarly seamlessly integrates across various platforms, including web browsers, word processors, and email clients, offering consistent support across different writing environments.
  • Customizable Writing Goals: Users can set customizable writing goals within Grammarly, allowing them to tailor the tool to their specific writing objectives and preferences.


i. Precise and Keen Typo Rectification:

  • Grammarly excels in identifying and rectifying typos with precision, ensuring that your writing is free from spelling errors and minor mistakes.

ii. Advanced Premium Features:

  • The premium version of Grammarly offers advanced features that go beyond basic grammar checking, providing users with enhanced capabilities for improving writing style and coherence.


i. Free Version Limitations:

  • While the free version of Grammarly offers valuable features, it comes with limitations. Users seeking access to more advanced writing suggestions and style improvements may find the premium version more suitable.

ii. Occasional Oversight of Nuanced Writing Issues:

  • In some cases, Grammarly may overlook nuanced writing issues that require a deeper understanding of context. Users dealing with highly specialized or industry-specific content may need to exercise additional scrutiny.

Grammarly stands as a literary companion, ensuring that your writing journey is smooth and error-free. From basic grammar checking to advanced style enhancements, Grammarly's features cater to writers seeking precision and excellence in their written communication. While the free version provides valuable assistance, users looking for an elevated writing experience can explore the additional benefits offered by the premium version.

5. Wondershare Filmora: Best AI Tool for Visual Storytelling


Continue your creative journey into visual storytelling with Wondershare Filmora while reading about Top 6 AI tools for productivity in 2024., a versatile tool that empowers users to bring their narratives to life through compelling videos.


Wondershare Filmora offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate various user needs. Plans start at $39.99 for an annual subscription, providing access to a wide array of video editing features and creative tools.

Key Features of Wondershare Filmora:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Wondershare Filmora boasts a user-friendly interface, making video editing accessible to beginners while offering advanced features for experienced users.
  • Creative Effects and Filters: Enhance your videos with a diverse range of creative effects, filters, and overlays available in Filmora, allowing for personalized and visually appealing content.
  • Text and Title Customization: Customize text and titles within your videos with ease, choosing from a variety of fonts, styles, and animations to add a professional touch to your storytelling.
  • Audio Editing Tools: Filmora includes audio editing tools, enabling users to refine audio tracks, add background music, and create a harmonious blend of visuals and sound.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Simplify the video editing process with drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to effortlessly arrange clips, transitions, and elements within the timeline.
  • Built-in Music Library: Access a built-in music library with a diverse selection of tracks, ensuring that you find the perfect soundtrack to complement your video narratives.
  • Export Options: Wondershare Filmora provides various export options, allowing users to save and share their creations in different formats, resolutions, and aspect ratios.
  • Regular Updates and New Features: Stay on the cutting edge of video editing capabilities with regular updates and the introduction of new features, ensuring that Filmora evolves with the changing landscape of creative storytelling.

Wondershare Filmora emerges as a dynamic tool for visual storytellers, offering an intuitive interface, creative effects, and a robust set of editing features. While the free version includes a watermark, the affordable pricing plans unlock the full potential of Filmora, making it a valuable asset for individuals and businesses seeking a versatile and user-friendly video editing solution.


i. Intuitive Video Editing:

  • Wondershare Filmora excels in providing an intuitive video editing experience, making it accessible to users with varying levels of expertise.

ii. Rich Library of Effects and Transitions:

  • Explore a rich library of effects and transitions within Filmora, enhancing the visual appeal of your videos and elevating the overall storytelling experience.


i. Watermark in Free Version:

  • The free version of Wondershare Filmora includes a watermark on exported videos. Users seeking watermark-free videos may consider upgrading to a paid plan.

6. DALL·E 3:


DALL·E 3 a visionary in NLP image generation, has space to be mentioned in the Top 6 AI tools for productivity in 2024, and turns text prompts into a canvas of creative imagery. This avant-garde exploration is an invitation to those who seek the fusion of language and visuals.


The exploration of DALL·E 3 remains mysterious as it progresses through its research stage, enticing fans to follow its development. Additional increments are now available for $15, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to delve deeper into this innovative image generation realm.

Key Features of DALL·E 3:

NLP-Powered Image Generation:

  • DALL·E 3 leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transform text prompts into visually expressive and creative images, providing a novel way to bridge language and visuals.
  • Creative Exploration:
  • Positioned as a visionary tool, DALL·E 3 encourages creative exploration, allowing users to experiment with diverse text prompts and observe the unique and imaginative images it generates.
  • Incremental Development:
  • The tool is continually evolving in its research phase, with incremental developments offering users the opportunity to experience new features and enhancements for a more immersive image generation experience.
  • $15 Increments:
  • Users can participate in the developmental journey of DALL·E 3 by opting for $15 increments, gaining access to additional features and insights as the tool progresses.
  • Community Engagement:
  • DALL·E 2 fosters community engagement, encouraging users to follow its development, share their experiences, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of this innovative image-generation tool.

DALL·E 3 stands at the forefront of NLP-driven image generation, promising a unique intersection of language and visual creativity. While in its research phase, users can join the exploration through incremental contributions, gaining a glimpse into the future of this groundbreaking tool. As with any evolving technology, the research phase emphasizes community engagement, inviting users to be part of the journey toward unlocking new possibilities in image generation.


i. Unique Image Generation from Text Prompts:

  • DALL·E 2 distinguishes itself by offering a unique process of image generation based on text prompts. Users can witness their textual ideas come to life through visually stunning and creative outputs.


i. Research Phase Limits Accessibility:

  • As DALL·E 2 is currently in the research phase, accessibility may be limited. Users interested in exploring this cutting-edge image-generation tool may encounter constraints as it evolves in its development journey.
Want to test out the rich features of DALLE 3? You can try it out right now for free on Anakin AI!
Free DALL·E 3 AI Image Generator | AI Powered |
Empower your creativity with the DALL·E AI Image Generator. Generate high-quality images that match your imagination, and fulfill your personalized artistic needs.


In conclusion, the technological landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, and stands as a beacon in democratizing AI applications for everyone. Its no-code approach, supporting a plethora of AI app types, from text and image generators to workflows and auto agents, empowers users to automate tasks effortlessly. With seamless integration, advanced AI model support, and user-friendly pricing plans, is not just a tool; it's a gateway to the future of accessible and productive AI utilization.

As we navigate through the realms of ChatGPT, Jasper AI, Grammarly, Wondershare Filmora, and DALL·E 3, emerges as the essential technology, offering a unified platform for diverse AI applications. Whether you're seeking conversational AI, creative content generation, grammar checking, video editing, or avant-garde image creation, ensures simplicity, flexibility, and unmatched efficiency. Embrace the future of AI with, where complexity bows to accessibility, and innovation meets ease. Unleash the power of AI in your hands and redefine your approach to productivity and creativity.