OpenAI announce ChatGPT product update: GPT-4o on Monday, May 13.

At OpenAI's Spring Update, Mira Murati introduced GPT-4o. With enhanced natural interaction, vision, and data analysis, it enables seamless, emotion-sensitive conversations. Users can upload visuals for analysis. GPT-4o sets a new standard in AI interaction and data processing.

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OpenAI announce ChatGPT product update: GPT-4o on Monday, May 13.

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Chief technology officer of OpenAI, Mira Murati introduce new GPT products: GPT-4o

In today's Spring Update event hosted by OpenAI, which took place at 1pm ET / 10am PT / 6pm BST, Chief technology officer of OpenAI, Mira Murati, made an significant announcements on OpenAI Update. A groundbreaking addition to the AI landscape, OpenAI has unveiled its latest model, GPT-4o.

New Model: GPT-4o

Packed with advanced features and enhanced capabilities, GPT-4o represents a significant leap forward in natural language processing and AI interaction. Performance-wise, GPT-4o offers significant improvements over its predecessors. It is 2x faster, 50% cheaper to use, and features 5x higher rate limits compared to the previous GPT-4 Turbo model. These enhancements make GPT-4o not only more powerful but also more accessible to a wider range of users.

Natural Interaction

One of the standout features of GPT-4o is its integration of more natural interaction. Users will experience smoother, more human-like conversations with the model, thanks to improvements in dialogue flow and response generation.

Enhanced Vision

Enhanced vision capabilities are another highlight of GPT-4o. Users can now upload screenshots, photos, and documents directly to the model, allowing for more comprehensive analysis and understanding of visual data.

Advanced Data Analysis

In addition to its natural language processing capabilities, GPT-4o offers advanced data analysis functionalities. Users can leverage the model to analyze data and create visualizations such as charts, graphs, and diagrams. With a 5x capacity unit increase, GPT-4o is capable of handling larger datasets and more complex analyses than ever before.

Data analysis demo with GPT-4o

Real-time Conversation

Real-time conversation capabilities have also been greatly enhanced in GPT-4o. Users can engage in seamless, lag-free conversations with the model, complete with emotion detection and custom emotion tone settings. Additionally, users have the freedom to interrupt the model at any time, allowing for more dynamic and interactive interactions.