Midjourney v6's New Text Feature Is Awesome, Here's Our Review:

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Midjourney v6's New Text Feature Is Awesome, Here's Our Review:

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Wit the latest update, Midjourney V6 has made a remarkable leap forward in AI image generation. It's not just another version; it's a whole new realm where art meets AI in ways we've never seen before. Imagine a tool that doesn’t just understand your words but also feels the nuances of your artistic vision – that's Midjourney V6 for you!

Midjourney v6 Release Date & How to Use Midjourney v6 Now

Midjourney v6 has just been released on December 21, 2023.

For existing users of Midjourney, please login into your Midjourney Discord server, here is How to use Midjourney v6:

  • Step 1. Send Midjourney bot a DM.
  • Step 2. Type /settings to open the settings menu. In the dropdown menuy, Choose 'V6' to activate Midjourney V6
  • Step 3. Now you can use Midjourney v6 by adding –v 6  after your prompt.

The Journey of Midjourney: a Development History

Midjourney began as a daring project, striving to transform the landscape of AI-powered image generation. With each version, it pushed the envelope further, leaving users astounded at the capabilities nestled within this innovative tool. Let's embark on a quick time travel through Midjourney's history:

  • Version 1 (February 2022): The inception, where the journey began.
  • Version 2 (April 2022): Stepping up the game, introducing more features.
  • Version 3 (July 2022): Midjourney started gaining serious traction.
  • Version 4 (November 2022): Pushing boundaries with more refined AI capabilities.
  • Version 5 (March 2023): A significant leap, setting the stage for something even bigger.
  • Version 6 (Expected July 2023): The current talk of the town, which is released on December 21, 2023.

Each version wasn’t just an update; it was a revolution in its own right. And now, with V6 on the horizon, the excitement is palpable.

When Will Midjourney V7 Be Released?

Given the pattern of Midjourney's version releases and the advancements in AI technology, we can speculate about the potential release date of Midjourney v7:

  • Considering Midjourney's history of releasing major updates roughly every few months, it wouldn't be surprising to see Midjourney v7 make its debut sometime in late 2023 or early 2024, continuing the trend of rapid development in AI-driven image generation."
  • If Midjourney continues its trend of biannual releases, as seen from its previous versions, we might expect the announcement of Midjourney v7 around mid to late 2024, introducing yet another leap in AI art capabilities."
  • Given the unexpected 'pause' in the development of Midjourney v6, it's plausible that Midjourney v7 could see a delayed release, potentially arriving in the first half of 2025, showcasing further innovations and improvements in AI image generation technology.

Why Midjourney V6 is a Game-Changer

Here's what makes Midjourney V6 not just another version, but a milestone in AI art:

  • Enhanced Features: V6 isn’t just about creating images; it’s about crafting visual narratives that resonate with realism and creativity.
  • User-Driven Evolution: Each version of Midjourney has been shaped significantly by user feedback, making V6 a product of collective creativity and innovation.

Let's review the upgrades that Midjourney V6 has made:

Yes, Midjourney V6 Can Do Text Now!

One of the most exciting features of Midjourney V6 is its ability to seamlessly integrate text and images. Here's what that means for you:

  • Adding Text to Images: This feature allows users to combine visual and textual elements, creating a more comprehensive and expressive form of art. All you need to do is write the text in your prompt, and wrap it with quotation marks.
  • Handling Multiple Subjects in a Prompt: V6 can effectively manage prompts with multiple subjects, showcasing its improved interpretative capabilities.
  • ChatGPT-Like Conversational Abilities: The model can engage in a more interactive and conversational manner, akin to talking to an AI like ChatGPT.
  • Nuanced Understanding of Punctuation and Grammar: V6 can interpret prompts with a keen understanding of linguistic nuances, exemplified by its ability to discern different meanings in complex sentences like "A panda eats, shoots, and leaves."

A Closer Look at What's New in V6

Midjourney V6 brings a series of groundbreaking features that elevate it from a mere image generation tool to an artist's digital companion. Here's an exploration of these new capabilities:

  • Better Visual Coherence: V6 introduces a level of visual coherence that's unparalleled, ensuring that the generated images are not just visually appealing but also contextually relevant.
  • Improved Language Comprehension: The tool now exhibits a sophisticated understanding of language, allowing users to craft prompts that are interpreted with a greater degree of accuracy and creativity.
  • Photorealism: This feature takes the visual output to new heights, with generated images possessing a lifelike quality that blurs the lines between AI-generated art and human-created visuals.
  • Longer Prompt Lengths: With extended prompt lengths, artists and creators have more room to express their ideas, leading to more detailed and intricate image outputs.
  • Granular Control Over Color and Shading: This enhanced control allows for finer adjustments in the visual aspects of the images, enabling users to achieve the exact mood and tone they desire.
  • Stricter Censorship: V6 comes with improved censorship capabilities, ensuring that the content generated aligns with community standards and ethical considerations.
  • Enhanced Enhancers and Upscalers: These improvements mean better quality and resolution of images, offering outputs that are more refined and detailed.
  • Improved Prompt Following: Midjourney V6 shows a better understanding and execution of user prompts, closely aligning the outputs with the users' artistic visions.

Midjourney V6: The Human Touch in AI Art

What sets Midjourney V6 apart is its ability to understand and replicate the nuances of human creativity:

  • Nuanced Punctuation and Grammar: V6 gets it when you say, "A panda eats, shoots, and leaves." It understands humor, sarcasm, and the subtle intricacies of language.

In essence, Midjourney V6 is where technology transcends its robotic roots and dons the hat of an artist, a poet, a dreamer. It’s not just about generating images; it’s about breathing life into your imagination.

Midjourney Pricing: Subscription Plans and Pricing

Midjourney offers a tiered subscription model, catering to a diverse range of user needs. Below is a detailed breakdown of the available plans:

Plan Type Monthly Cost Annual Cost Fast GPU Time Relax GPU Time Extra GPU Time Cost Solo Work Stealth Mode Max Concurrent Jobs Free GPU Time for Rating Images Usage Rights
Basic Plan $10 $96 ($8/month) 3.3 hr/month - $4/hr - 3 Jobs + 10 in Queue General Terms
Standard Plan $30 $288 ($24/month) 15 hr/month Unlimited $4/hr - 3 Jobs + 10 in Queue General Terms
Pro Plan $60 $576 ($48/month) 30 hr/month Unlimited $4/hr 12 Fast + 3 Relaxed + 10 in Queue General Terms
Mega Plan $120 $1152 ($96/month) 60 hr/month Unlimited $4/hr 12 Fast + 3 Relaxed + 10 in Queue General Terms

How to Subscribe and Payment Methods:

  • Subscription Process:
  • Use the /subscribe command for a personal subscription link.
  • Visit Midjourney.com/account.
  • Choose 'Manage Sub' on the Midjourney website sidebar.
  • Payment Methods:
  • Accepted: Credit/debit cards (Mastercard, VISA, American Express), Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Cash App Pay in some regions.
  • Not Supported: PayPal, wire transfer, and similar methods.
  • Billing and Subscription Support:
  • For inquiries or assistance, users can visit help.midjourney.com.

These pricing plans and subscription options offer flexibility, ensuring that users can select a package that best suits their needs and usage patterns. The detailed structure also ensures clarity on what each tier offers, aiding users in making informed decisions.


Midjourney V6 stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of AI in art. It challenges us to push our creative boundaries and explore new artistic realms. The discoveries and feedback from the community are the lifeblood of Midjourney's evolution, continually shaping it into a tool that resonates with its users' ever-growing needs and aspirations.

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Final Thoughts

As you embark on your journey with Midjourney V6, remember that each prompt is a new adventure, each image a discovery. The power of this tool lies in its ability to bring your most imaginative concepts to life. And with Anakin AI's Midjourney Prompt Generator, this journey becomes even more exciting, seamless, and boundless.

We encourage you to dive in, experiment, and be part of this incredible journey of AI and art. The future of digital creativity is here, and it's yours to explore and redefine. Happy creating!