AI Assistant for Cities Skylines: To Better Build Your City

The Cities Skylines is an intense game with a steep learning curve. In this article, we'll introduce a very helpful Cites Skylines AI Assistant for you, no matter what questions you have, you can ask this assistant to get immediate help.

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AI Assistant for Cities Skylines: To Better Build Your City

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The Cities Skylines is a city-building simulation video game with complex systems. It's an extremely deep game with a steep learning curve. If you are a beginner at this game, you may encounter a lot of problems in playing. So, an AI tool that is very familiar with the mechanism of this game would be very helpful.

In this article, we'll introduce a very helpful Cites Skylines AI Assistant for you, no matter what questions you have, you can ask this assistant to get an immediate response.

AI Assistant for Cities Skylines

About Cities Skylines

Skylines is a city-building simulation video game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. It was released in 2015 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Its season 2 - Cities Skylines II was released on 24 Oct. this year.

The game allows players to develop and manage a city from a top-down perspective. Players start with an empty plot of land and must build roads, zones for residential, commercial, and industrial development, public services like schools and hospitals, transportation networks, and manage resources like electricity, water, and sewage.

Cities Skylines gaming


To start your city-building at Cities Skylines, you must master some basic concepts and gameplay. Here is a list that can help you understand the systems in Cities Skylines.

  • Zoning and Districts - Players must designate zones on the map for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Districts can be created to apply policies like increased education or tourism.
  • Roads and Transportation - A robust road building system allows complex road networks. Players can build highways, tunnels, bridges, public transit options like buses and metro.
  • Services and Policies - Public services like police, fire, schools, hospitals can be built. Policies related to taxes, education, healthcare can be enacted.
  • Resources - Electricity, water, sewage systems must be managed. Players need to generate power and heating, provide water towers and pipes, sewage systems.
  • Money and Economy - Players collect taxes from zones and buildings which must be balanced against expenses. The city can take out loans and bonds.
  • Citizen Happiness - Keeping traffic flow smooth, providing healthcare, education and amenities like parks increase citizen happiness which attracts more people.


Cities Skylines has a thriving modding community that has produced thousands of mods that expand the game dramatically. Mods like new maps, buildings, transportation options, realism mods, and more can be added.


Major expansions have added new gameplay features like disasters and weather events, tourism specializations, concerts and events, airports, and more.


Cities: Skylines received critical acclaim for its engaging gameplay, expansiveness, and mod support. It is widely considered one of the best city simulation games available.

Difference between Cities Skylines 1 and 2

CS2 builds on CS1 with smaller map tiles for more detail, more built-in design tools, improved visuals, and expanded playable area - providing an upgraded city-building experience. The core objective of designing your own metropolis remains at the heart of both games.

  • Map Tiles: CS2 has smaller map tiles (1/3 the size of CS1), allowing for more detail to be packed into each city across the expanded 4x larger total playable area.
  • Built-In Tools: CS2 has more built-in tools like the ability to construct overlapping roads, removing the need for mods to accomplish certain design tasks like in CS1.
  • Visuals: CS2 has notably crisper and more detailed visuals backed by heavier system requirements.
  • Release: CS2 is set to launch in Spring 2024, following up on the original CS1 release.

For more information about the difference between 1 and 2, you can watch the video below:

AI Assistant for Cities Skylines

As we mentioned before, Cities Skylines is a very complex game with a steep learning curve. You may need to ask questions when you encounter some troubles in playing the game. In this situation, AI Assistant for Cities Skylines would be a great option. A well-trained AI assistant for Cities Skylines could understand all the complex mechanisms and systems. No matter what troubles you may meet, an AI assistant can immediately give you some solutions or suggestions to help you better build your own city in Cities Skylines.

Why do we need AI assistant for Cities Skylines?

The following reasons make Cities Skylines a very complex and detailed game. A well-trained AI assistant for Cities Skylines can always help us figure out what should we do when we get stuck in the city-building process.

  • Extensive city management systems - There are so many intricate simulation systems to manage from traffic, to services, to resources like electricity and water. Optimizing these systems takes a lot of planning.
  • Balancing complex budgets - You need to balance tax income versus city expenses across areas like infrastructure, services, salaries, and amenities. Budgeting wrongly can tank your city.
  • Intricate transportation networks - Designing efficient road systems, public transit, airports, harbors, and rail takes a lot of forethought to prevent traffic jams.
  • Keeping population happy - Providing the right balance of jobs, shopping, entertainment, healthcare, education, and safety to citizens requires close attention. Unhappy citizens abandon your city.
  • Mods increase complexity - The thousands of gameplay modifying mods allow incredible customization and realism, but also dramatically increase complexity.
  • Intricate zoning - Creative zoning for residential, commercial, office, industrial areas that are optimized is challenging.
  • Supply chain management - Managing the supply chains of electricity, water, sewage, garbage, heating supplies takes effort.
  • Preparing for disasters - Creating systems to prevent city destruction from disasters like floods, fires, meteor strikes takes resilience.

So, which one is the best AI assistant for Cities Skylines? Here, we'd like to introduce you to the one that can understand all systems and mechanisms in Cities Skylines, you can make use of it all the time no matter if you are playing Cities Skylines I or Cities Skylines II.

Anakin AI - the best AI assistant for Cities Skylines

Anakin AI is a wonderful AI toolkit that provides us with a powerful AI assistant for Cities Skylines, this AI assistant can understand all the systems and mechanisms in Cities Skylines, and you can always tell it your question and get the immediate solution.

Step 1. Launch the Anakin App or access to  Anakin Web, easily search and find the "Cities Skylines Assistant" from the "Discover" tab on the left side.

search the Cities Skylines Assistant

Step 2. Now, you can tell the assistant the question related to Cities Skylines.

Tell the question

Step 3. After you send the question, the assistant will give you some suggestions or solutions in a few seconds.

response of the assistant

Likewise, for any other questions or problems you have encountered in the gaming process, you can ask this smart AI assistant to figure out what you should do next. It's a very helpful tool for Cities Skylines players.


Cities Skylines is a complex city-building simulation game that can be challenging for new players to master. With expansive gameplay systems like zoning, transportation, budgeting, resource management and more, optimizing your city takes planning and problem-solving skills.

This is where an AI assistant like Anakin AI's Cities Skylines Assistant can be invaluable. It knows all the game's intricacies so you can ask it questions and get helpful suggestions or solutions in real-time. Whether you are playing the original Cities Skylines or the upcoming sequel, having an AI assistant by your side can ease the learning curve and lead to more satisfying gameplay as you create your ideal metropolis. With the power of AI, building your dream city in Cities Skylines becomes much more achievable.